Agency Performance Partners

Agency Process Pack

Our Agency Process Pack is here to help your insurance agency embrace creating customer experiences for your agency. We have outlined the top agency processes so you don’t have to recreate the wheel. You can purchase best in class insurance agency processes that you can tailor to your insurance agency. Top agencies across the United States and Canada have vetted our Agency Process Pack.

Included in the process pack is a PDF workbook to help you get started on the process. The workbook includes some common questions and challenges. We also cover the process in detail and give you options to help you customize it for your insurance agency. Then we review the best practices of tracking and holding your team accountable to the new process.

Each process also contains any resources specific to that process such as scripts and/or role playing videos, Excel spreadsheet trackers and calculators. We want to give you everything you need to get started with minimal effort. Every process pack has associated short videos where we walk you through the process. You own the process forever so you can keep coming back to it. We also provide routine updates.

If you don’t see a process pack that you need, let us know. We add new ones each month.