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Building Insurance Agency Job Descriptions For Every Role In Your Agency


Do you lack the time to build insurance agency job descriptions for your team? Or maybe you struggle with what to include? Our new Agency Process Pack has you covered. Save time and effort by getting our online pack with videos, templates and best practices for your insurance agency.

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Is building insurance agency job descriptions for every role in your agency something you are looking to tackle? We have you covered! Our Agency Process Pack has templates, videos and the sample job descriptions your agency needs to have clear roles and responsibilities. You don’t need to recreate the wheel! Get started with best-in-class templates that allow you to simply polish them up and tailor the job descriptions for your agency.

What’s Included: Build Insurance Agency Job Descriptions For Every Role In Your Agency

  • Workbook on how to build a great job description
  • Generic templates you can use to build your own
  • 12 Common Agency Job Description Templates:
    • President/Owner
    • Manager/VP Of Personal Lines
    • Manager/VP Of Commercial Lines
    • Personal Lines Account Manager
    • Commercial Lines Account Manager
    • Personal Lines Account Technician (non-licensed)
    • Commercial Lines Account Technician (non-licensed)
    • Producer
    • Director of First Impressions/Receptionist
    • Marketing & Branding Coordinator
    • Accounting Manager
    • Claims Advocate
  • 2 hours of short, 5 minute videos on considerations for each role
  • Included in each job description is:
    • Mission of The Role
    • Desired Role Outcomes
    • Key Performance Indicators (how you will track the role)
    • Principles of the Agency
    • Critical Competencies
    • Feedback Schedule
  • There is a video on how to launch the job descriptions with your team to maximize buy in.

We know that clear communication is important for the success of any insurance agency. Starting with a clear, mission-driven job description will help your team know what you expect. When used correctly, job descriptions are critical to holding people accountable to real outcomes (not just tasks) that fuel agency growth. As your agency grows, roles will change. You can use these job descriptions to make sure you aren’t missing any valuable responsibilities. We have also included a segment on how to roll out the job descriptions so you can maximize adoption and buy in from your team!

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