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Insurance Processes

Does your insurance agency have clearly written processes and procedures? When your team has a clear idea of your expectation and an outline of your ideal process, everyone can start to comply. However, many insurance agencies have never taken the time to set up and explain the right processes and procedures.

When we work with agencies on any process, we start with an insurance agency process template. The first step is to create the mission of the process. The mission details why the process exists and what value and benefit it brings to the agency and the client.

Next, you should outline the desired outcome of the process. When the team executes the process correctly, this is the outcome we should expect. You don’t want to outline all of the steps here. It’s more of a 50,000 foot view of what the process does for the agency.

Your next step is to detail all the unacceptable actions in executing the process. This is your area to focus on all potential hiccups, shortcuts or unacceptable behaviors. We know that most team members will not perfectly follow any given process 100% of the time, so this is the area that you need to clearly express boundaries about what cannot happen in the process.

Finally, you get to outline the steps of your process. We recommend an outline style so everyone can clearly see the steps. Your next section is on the what ifs. Many processes go off track when there is a mishap, someone is out or something isn’t working. You can clearly outline what happens in these situations and keep adding to the list.

Lastly, all great processes end with how they will be tracked and, most importantly, how frequently.