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Give your team the tools they need to survive and thrive in the new market.

How to Handle Insurance Rate Increases Will Include:

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  • How to lead your team
  • Keeping morale high 
  • Building team confidence
  • Managing your time
  • Prioritizing clients
  • Having the rate conversation
  • Remarketing guidelines
  • Finding opportunity 
  • Rate increase scripts
  • Role play videos
  • Proactive renewal reviews
  • Promoting discounts
  • Remarketing dangers
  • Building value
  • Selling in the new market
  • Carrier relations
  • Cross-selling strategies
  • Developing client relationships

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Give your team the training and tools they need to survive and thrive in the new market. 

  • Boost Retention
  • Increase Referrals
  • Recognize Cross-Sell Opportunities
  • Recognize Hard Work
  • Ask for Online Reviews
  • Suggest Coverage Improvements
  • Decrease Re-marketing
  • Convert to EFT & Full Pay

While I was in today’s course, I texted another leader in our agency, “These APP courses are going to be great for our team!”

How These LIVE Sessions Will Help Your Agency:

  • Get proactive rather than be reactive
  • Cross-selling in a hard market
  • Grow your PIF
  • Lead your team
  • Save time by reducing remarketing
  • Manage Burnout
  • Improve team morale
  • How to talk about rates
  • Educate clients
  • Remarketing strategy
  • Scripts, checklists, and more
  • Support your team in this market


What if you walked into your agency and heard every one of your team members:

  • Smiling and relaxed while on the phone with your customers
  • Handling rate increase question
  • Reducing remarketing
  • Embracing eager conversations about rates
  • Selling and earning referrals in the difficult market

Your team needs training, tracking, and a tool kit for how to succeed in a rising rate and difficult underwriting market. Get them to NOT be scared but instead embrace conversations that most agencies steer clear of.


how to handle rate & the new market

Lesson 1


Your agency needs a strong leader to champion the hard market. There will be difficult scenarios, hard days, and some client deflection. It’s important your team is led by a strong and passionate leader:

  • Identifying the new market
  • Common agency pain points
  • How it’s impacting your team & clients
  • How to be a wartime CEO
  • 10 strategies to lead your team 
  • How to keep morale high
  • Sharing metrics
Audience: Agency Leadership
5/16 @ 10 am EST
5/17 @ 4 pm EST
5/18 @ 12 pm EST

Lesson 2


Renewals will take longer in this market. There will be more contact with clients, potentially more remarketing, and more interactions with carriers. In this market, we cannot treat every client the same:

  • Renewals will take longer
  • Tiering clients
  • Taking MORE time with the right clients
  • Donating the WRONG clients to your competition
  • Delegate and work within your role
  • Payments & Portals
  • Spend time preparing rather than repairing

Audience: All Agency Team Members

5/23 @ 12:30 pm EST
5/24 @ 12 pm EST
5/26 @ 3 pm EST

Lesson 3


Rate cannot be the boss of us. When clients connect with us we need to be delighted they are calling us and not our competition. Give your clients the plan they need to navigate this new insurance market:

  • The incumbent agent has the upper hand
  • Clients have a reaction then a response
  • We can’t shop with their money
  • Education and kindness will help you win
  • A question about rate is JUST a question
  • We have to be delighted to take that call
  • Your client just wants a plan

Audience: All Agency Team Members

5/31 @ 2:30 pm EST
6/1 @ 9 am EST
6/2 @ 12pm EST

Lesson 4


Clients are going to ask us about why their rates went up. We need to have a practiced, consistent and accurate response. The best plan explains the increase, educates the client, and shows that you are their insurance hero!:

  • Question or Request?
  • Review vs. Remarket
  • Work to get something from the interaction
  • Tone of voice
  • Monthly figures
  • Percentage increases
  • The importance of silence

Audience: All Agency Team Members

6/6 @ 12 pm EST
6/7 @ 4 pm EST
6/8 @ 9 am EST

Lesson 5


Do we review or remarket? Too often we jump into a remarket and take old information and shop the risk. Instead lets take time to educate and inform clients to improve their insurance profile. Remarketing isn’t the easy button: 
  • Proactive vs. reactive review
  • Contact information & payment strategy
  • Review Questions
  • Coverage review
  • Review rate on the entire account
  • Discount scrub
  • Remarketing education

Audience: All Agency Team Members

6/13 @ 9 am EST
6/14 @ 11:30 am EST
6/15 @ 4 pm EST

Lesson 6


We will have to remarket some accounts. In this market, we need to be selective on who gets remarketed and how. Remarketing can be dangerous we need to educate the client on the risks before we proceed:

  • Qualify the remarket
  • Refresh the application
  • Speed of the remarket
  • Never email the quote
  • Presenting the remarket 
  • Increasing coverages and adding lines 
  • Clean up the account 

Audience: All Agency Team Members

6/20 @ 3 pm EST
6/21 @ 10:30 am EST
6/22 @ 3 pm EST



In this market even with the best strategy there may some clients who still try to leave. In this section we will review with your team how to handle that inbound phone call when a client asks to cancel their insurance policy:

  • Get the client to the best person
  • Review the account
  • Find out why they are leaving
  • Assume the requote
  • Even if they have bound coverage you can save them
  • Leave the door open if they want to return 

Audience: All Agency Team Members

Add on to the training to the program: $95
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June 26th @ Noon EST



The coastal and fire zone markets have no doubt been hit the hardest in this market. We have sky rocketing rates, insolvencies and restrictions on new business. This can make running an agency challenging on your team and clients:

  • Celebrate every renewal offer
  • Position the clients for a long term scenario
  • Remember rate is only part of the situation
  • Every renewal is an opportunity
  • The market is not your fault
  • Rate increases demand a great agent

Audience: All Agency Team Members

Add on to the training to the program: $47
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June 29th @ 2pm EST

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