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Are they complete with checklists, templates, and role-playing video examples?

This course includes the following:

  • Phone Techniques 
  • Effective Claims Servicing
  • New Business Strategies
  • Handling Renewals
  • Reduce Remarketing
  • Stop Policy Cancellations
  • Handle payments with ease
  • Proven Documentation Tasks 
  • Bionic Proof of Insurance Tactics
  • Effective Endorsement Activities
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Agency processes are centered around creating an insurance client experience. By following a defined process on the top 10 activities your team does daily, you can work efficiently, effectively and wow your customers… Every. Single. Day.

  • Written templates
  • Customer experience guidelines
  • Scripts for difficult moments
  • Checklists galore
  • Email templates
  • Customizable for your agency
  • Role-playing videos you won’t hate
  • 1 Page Graphic


Your team wants (and needs) structure and guidance. Most service team members want to be told what to do. When there are no processes and procedures in place, the team does what they believe is accurate. This leads to easily dropping the ball, mismanaging expectations, missing opportunities as well as inaccurate reporting. 


agency processes

Process 1


It seems that in every agency, there is some frustration around answering and transferring the phones. We outline a clear process for how create a great first impression for your client. 

  • Call Greeting
  • Warm Transfer
  • Being a Gatekeeper
  • Finding the BEST Person to Take the Call

Process 2


Payments are something that agencies need to see as an opportunity. The more clients we can convert to pay-in-full or EFT, the more time we have to be proactive with our clients. 

  • Call-in Payments
  • Mail-in Payments
  • Walk-in Payments
  • Late Payments

Process 3


How frustrating is it to open a client file and find either NO notes or VERY limited documentation? It happens too often. Having a clear file documentation process will help your team provide WOW service to your clients. 

  • Documentation Guidelines
  • When to Document
  • File Naming Conventions
  • Follow-Up Process

Process 4


Changes can either be BORING transactions or incredible opportunities. When something changes in the client’s life or operations, we should dive deeper and ensure their insurance is updated for their current lifestyle. 

  • Endorsement Approach
  • Checklist
  • Checking Endorsements
  • Coverage Declination

Process 5


You may send certificates, ID cards, and EOIs all the time. However, we find there is a multitude of missed opportunities. Having a great process can not only save time but drive opportunities for reviews, referrals, and account rounds. 

  • Handling a Declaration Page Request
  • Email Templates for Sending Proof
  • Mortgagee Requests
  • Gathering and Confirming Information

Process 6


It’s a bit of a gut punch when a client wants to cancel. Some of the reasons are legitimate and reasonable, and some are a result of complacency on the agency’s part. Let’s turn it around and create opportunities to save accounts or win them back next year. 

  • Non-Renewals
  • Non-Payments
  • How to Handle When a Client Leaves
  • Win-back Strategies

Process 7


Many agencies have a quoting process but not a new business process. A new business process creates an experience for your prospect that makes you stick out from the crowd. Create a sales process based on value. 

  • Quote sheet with Sales Questions
  • Scripts
  • Overcoming Objections
  • Cross Selling at the Point of Sale

Process 8


Often times renewals sneak up on agencies, and we end up putting out fires rather than being proactive. How your agency handles renewals will likely be based on price rather than value. Let’s flip that around! Being proactive is the key to high retention. 

  • Rivoting Renewal Review Process
  • Renewal Checklist
  • Scripts
  • Cross-Selling that Works

Process 9


Being an Independent Agent is awesome – you have many markets, which means the client has choices. However, sometimes we spend too much time remarketing and miss the opportunity to review, educate, and prepare the client about the downfalls of moving companies. 

  • Managing Rewrites with Checklists
  • Scripts to Deter Remarketing
  • Process to Earn Opportunity From a Remarket
  • Carrier Placement

Process 10


Claims are the only time when your client uses your product. It’s usually met with stress and inconvenience that you’ll end up managing. During a claim we need to provide WOW proactive service to make the client feel comfortable and educated throughout the process. 

  • Claims Philosophy
  • Process Documents
  • Scripts for Handling Claim Calls 
  • Email Templates for Follow Up
  • Role-Playing Videos

Leadership Set Up


This course comes with a section just for leaders. We provide you with our best practices in customizing, rolling out, tracking, and getting adoption for these 10 processes. We know every agency wants a process and for their team to understand the value and how they can engage. Let’s get them as excited as you are for this. 

  • Agency Standards
  • Core Carriers
  • Rolling Out the Process
  • Holding Your Team Accountable

What's Included


You get more than just a dry, bland written process. You get a process kit that will allow you to customize the process for your agency, train your team and drive adoption. Each process is designed to be tailored just to your agency. 

  • One Page Process Guideline
  • Agency Process Set-up Questions
  • Efficient Process Document
  • Scripts, Checklists, Templates, Videos



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