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  • Word document process template
  • Mini E-Course on best practices
  • Access to ask questions to the APP Team
  • Sample top processes: Job Descriptions, Claims, Getting a Client on EFT, Re-Marketing and Overcoming Sales Objection
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Your agency had access to all of the processes and procedures you needed to be ridiculously amazing? Our Agency Process Pack is just that! We give you Word Document templates that you can take and tailor for your agency. We couple this with a quick E-Course on a few considerations as you make the process your own. Don’t recreate the wheel when we have top processes ready for you right now!

agency Performance Pack

what if...

Your agency was able to install 3 of the key strategies into your agency at your leisure. Our AppX Sales, Retention & Time Manangement programs are all available to you on demand. This means you can work with your team to start implementing a sales process, proactive renewal reviews and go from being busy to productive at a pace that works for you.

You get all the trainings on demand any time you need them! Great for new hires and to keep your agency on track with consistent training


  • 30+ hours of video training
  • Team leader and student workbooks
  • Top Management System Guides on using our program with your system
  • Scripts & Role Playing Videos
  • Templates to customize
  • *BONUS: New Training added every quarter


  • Secret Shopper Calls
  • Team Zoom Training
  • Webinars
  • Sales & Customer Service Virtual Interactive Workshops
  • Onsite Training Days
  • Recorded Call Auditing
  • Marketing Content Generation
agency Performance Interactive

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Your agency needs a bit more action, we have that! you can work with us interactively via Zoom. Our interactive program gives you direct connection to the APP Team for webinars, virtual training, coaching, and consulting. Become ridiculously amazing faster with our interactive programs.

what if...

Your agency had a 2 year plan to become ridiculously amazing by partnering with the APP team. We would work with your agency onsite 4x per year as well as weekly via virtual meetings. You agency would complete our 4 signature programs: Agency Assessment, AppX Sales, AppX Retention, and AppX Time Management as well as getting access to the Pack and Performance Processes.

This program is only open to 20 agencies per year and you must have over 10 members. We focus on personal lines and small-mid commercial lines teams. Monthly investment starts at $3,500 per month.


  • Agency Assessment
  • AppX Sales
  • AppX Retention
  • AppX Time Management
  • Agency Performance Pack
  • Agency Process Pack
  • Weekly Training
  • Management System Best Practices Assistance
  • On call to your agency
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If we haven’t covered what your insurance agency is looking for here, reach out anyway! Let us know about your agency and we can see if we are a fit.