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Stop An Insurance Cancellation


Does your insurance agency have a plan for handling inbound and outbound insurance cancellation calls? With our Agency Process Pack on cancellations you will – review what we have included for your agency.


Every agency should have a process to stop an insurance cancellation. Many agencies do not have a plan for when a client is calling to cancel their policy. Many agents try to save the client, but without guidance and a strategy, we can only win back a handful of cancellations.

That’s why we created this Agency Process Pack: Stopping an Insurance Cancellation. Give your team a plan on how to make outbound late payment calls, communicate with a client who wants to leave your agency, and even how to win back a client at their next renewal.

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What’s Included In the Agency Process Pack: Stop An Insurance Cancellation

We have a complete package that includes the following topics:

  • Types of Cancellations
  • How to Track Cancellations by Reason
  • Sharing Cancellation/Lost Policy Data with Your Team
  • Late & Non-Payments
  • Saving a Call-In Cancellation
  • Calling Out to a Lost Customer
  • What to Do When A Client Cancels
  • Post Cancellation Win-back

This Process Pack Also Includes:

  • Workbook
  • 8 Videos to Walk You Through the Process
  • Email, Letter, and Text Content for Winning Back a Client
  • Scripts for Saving a Cancellation
  • Fully Acted Videos of the Scripts

Every insurance policy you can save from cancellation helps your agency grow. Every team needs a plan to be proactive in stopping a cancellation, as well as how to handle one that calls in.

In today’s world, many insurance agencies are also running into quiet cancellations (when the client cancels without contacting you first). For quiet cancellations, we need to train agents to call the client and confirm and clarify the reason they cancelled their plan. The reality is, if we do not show the client attention when they leave, they may not be willing to come back later. Your agency needs a plan to nurture lost clients and earn the right to win them back at their next term.

We help with all of this and more in this Agency Process Pack!

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