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Agency Performance Pack: Hiring, Onboarding & Retaining Staff

Every day, you think if only I had the right team. But let’s be honest, finding team members who are a good culture fit, have the right attitude and aptitude is harder than ever.  Many agency owners have given up and put up with underperforming staff.

Hope becomes your strategy and you become discouraged. You post job ads but get nothing or you get people who want to double your budget. What most insurance agency owners miss is understanding who they need and how to build a culture that attracts them. This course will provide you with a framework to clearly identify what roles your agency needs, how to build an attractive culture for that person, and how to onboard them to your organization.

Are you tired of being short-staffed or holding on to the wrong people?  Do you feel your team is so stressed that half of them may walk out right now? Or have you felt the burn of unsuccessful procedures that drained your bank account and morale?

Your agency needs a different approach that identifies who you need and how to attract them.

When you think of hiring more like online dating than traditional hiring you win. This changes everything!

What You Get in the Plan & Execute Course
  • Hiring Playbook Workbook
  • Hiring Templates
  • Guide On How Many Team Members You Need
  • Engaging Video Training
  • Interview Questions
  • Job Posting Templates
  • Candidate Score Card
  • Where To Post

Aren’t Convinced It’s Worth It?

  • Will video courses work for me and my team? The answer is video courses are a start, you can always purchase consulting hours to help cement in the concept!
  • Will people buy in? Our leadership course will help managers identify the best practices of taking the course from the workbook to the phones.
  • We have too much going on now is not a great time. You can buy this course outright and use it when is best, but let’s be honest will there ever be a good time? The harsh reality is that there is a cost to doing nothing.