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Commercial Insurance Sales Training Course


Commercial Insurance Sales Training Course

Every year, you sit down to set your goals, growing commercial sales is a big part of those goals. For many agencies they need a commercial insurance sales training course. But let’s be honest, it’s incredibly hard to keep track of your producers and it’s not easy to motivate your commercial sales agents. Commercial producers are a different breed, we want to give them proper tools to be successful.  For many agency owners, they have producers representing their agency, possibly paying them a salary, and they are not comfortable with their production. In addition, commercial producers that are heavily incentivized by commission can tend to be desperate and write business that may not be the most ideal client for your agency.

What would it look like to have a team of commercial producers that you would easily track? What if they were following up with their prospects consistently and working on prospects 60-90 days out in their pipeline. Let’s take it one step farther and even had your account managers and producers getting along?  This course will help you do that.

What You Get in the Commercial Insurance Sales Course
  • Commercial Sales Workbook
  • Scripts & Email Templates
  • Engaging Video Training
  • Sales Manager Guide
  • How To Set Up Your Management System for Tracking Producers

Aren’t Convinced It’s Worth It?

  • Will video courses work for me and my team? The answer is video courses are a start, you can always purchase consulting hours to help cement in the concept!
  • Will people buy in? Our leadership course will help managers identify the best practices of taking the course from the workbook to the phones.
  • We have too much going on now is not a great time. You can buy this course outright and use it when is best, but let’s be honest will there ever be a good time? The harsh reality is that there is a cost to doing nothing.