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How To Reduce Remarketing While Boosting Retention


Are you looking for training on how your team can reduce insurance remarketing while boosting retention? We have the course for you!


Every agency wants to reduce insurance remarketing but still boost retention, right? We also know your team may have never been given the tool kit to discuss rates with your clients. What almost no insurance agency understands is how to help their team master conversations about rates that help keep clients around while limiting remarketing or reshopping efforts.

It’s not finding more time in your day sometimes it’s limiting the things that we spend too much time on by having a conversation that drives loyalty.

If you are ready to reduce insurance remarketing in your agency, this is the online course for you! We make sure your team has a plan to help educate clients about insurance and rates. Remarketing is the last tool we should use with an insurance client. Instead, we want to focus on making sure that policy is accurate, applying discounts, and reviewing key coverages with the client they may not want to miss out on.

We then take time to educate clients on what is involved in remarketing or reshopping their insurance policy so they know it’s not the insurance rate easy button.

What You Get in the How to Reduce Insurance Remarketing While Boosting Your Retention Course

  • 3 Hours of Video Training (broken into 10-minute lessons)
  • Workbook
  • Bonus Guide for Leaders
  • Role Playing Videos
  • Scripts
  • Quizzes
  • 1-Page Guide to Qualify a Remarketing
  • Tips for tracking retention and remarketing in QQ Solutions, AMS360, HawkSoft and Epic

Aren’t Convinced it’s Worth it?

  • Will video courses work for me and my team? Video courses are a start — you can always purchase consulting hours to help cement a new concept!
  • Will people buy in? Our leadership course will help managers identify the best practices of taking the course from the workbook to the phones.
  • We have too much going on; now is not a great time. You can buy this course outright and use it when its most convenient, but let’s be honest will there ever be a good time? The harsh reality is that there is a cost to doing nothing.
  • Our Agency Performance Pack allows you to take training at your pace and schedule.



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