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Plan & Execute Building Your Agency’s Success Roadmap



Agency Performance Pack: Build Your Agency’s Success Roadmap

Every year, you sit down to set your goals. But let’s be honest, they are more wishes than goals. For many agency owners, they have targets they would like to hit, but for a variety of reasons, somewhere in the first three months of a new year, we forget about them as the problems of the day take over. Hope becomes your strategy and you become discouraged. You shared the goals with your team, but they don’t seem engaged in hitting the targets. What most insurance agency owners miss is spending more time on the execution of your goals than setting your goals. This course will provide you a framework to set your goals, build your plan to hit them, get your team to buy in, and drive accountability until you celebrate when you achieve them!

Are you tired of having big ideas when you start the year―but then a few months in, you can barely remember what you wanted to achieve? Do you share your agency goals with your team, but they look at you with blank stares? Your agency needs a different approach that engages the team and gives them a clear plan with expectations. This helps the agency embrace your vision and simplify everything. This changes everything!

What You Get in the Plan & Execute Course
  • 400 slides of video content on how to tackle this challenge (broken into an average video length of 10 minutes)
  • Insurance Agency Planning Workbook
  • Bonus – Team Feedback Form
  • AMS360, Applied Epic & Hawksoft Reporting Guides
  • Plan to Get Team Buy In
  • Tracking Your Goals

Aren’t Convinced It’s Worth It?

  • Will video courses work for me and my team? The answer is video courses are a start, you can always purchase consulting hours to help cement in the concept!
  • Will people buy in? Our leadership course will help managers identify the best practices of taking the course from the workbook to the phones.
  • We have too much going on now is not a great time. You can buy this course outright and use it when is best, but let’s be honest will there ever be a good time? The harsh reality is that there is a cost to doing nothing.