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Setting Agency Growth Goals For Every Role In Your Agency


Running an insurance agency and need to set clear goals for your team? Our Agency Process Pack provides you with a workbook, calculator and videos that will help you get started!


Planning for Growth Is an Essential Part of Running An Insurance Agency

If you are running an insurance agency, growth must be on your mind! However, you may be uncertain how to proceed or no one has given you a plan on how to set growth goals. Insurance agency growth can come from multiple different sources. These include:

  • Insurance rate increases
  • New insurance sales
  • Policy coverage increases in premium
  • Improving insurance retention rates

In order to target an insurance agency growth goal, the best place to start is by understanding your agency’s current metrics. In this workbook we will review how you can start the process of understanding your metrics and set ridiculously amazing insurance agency goals for your team.

This Agency Process Pack Includes:

  • Online course with how-to videos
  • Workbook
  • Growth Calculator

Many growth goals are centered around new business insurance sales, however, your service team can also help contribute to insurance agency growth. Each of your team members has the power to add or subtract premium with every service interaction. We cover how to set growth goals for your retention team, team members who service and sell as well as team members in a new business only role.

As part of this Agency Process Pack we will also review how to pull the reports your insurance agency needs to calculate growth. This will help empower you to use your agency’s management system to an even greater capacity.

If you are running an insurance agency and need help setting agency growth goals, this is the Pack for you! We will help you set clear and attainable growth goals for every single role in your agency. As part of the Process Pack we also include how to roll out goals to your staff so you can earn maximum buy-in and set up your insurance agency for success. Get your Process Pack today!

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