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Insurance Sales Strategy: Winning Back Unsold Quotes With a Process


The insurance sales strategy of winning back unsold quotes is game changer. Start working the leads your insurance agency already has at it’s finger tips.


Do you have an insurance sales strategy to help your team win back unsold quotes? Your insurance agency may need a process and a plan to get started. Why focus on new leads when you have a pile of great opportunities that didn’t move forward the first time?

With unsold insurance quotes you pick up efficiency! You already have all the information you need to quote and you have already qualified the opportunity that they are a good fit for your insurance agency. Too many insurance agencies are focused on finding new opportunities when we may just need to focus on the ones we already have in our backpockets!

This Agency Process Pack Includes:

  • What to do immediately when you lose a sale
    • Email Templates
    • Scripts
    • Survey
  • How to nurture the opportunity until renewal
    • Email templates
    • Touch points
  • How to restart the sales process 60 days before renewal
    • Scripts
    • Texts
    • Emails
    • Letters
    • Sequences

Included in this insurance sales strategy Process Pack you will get a workbook, videos to help you along the way and all the templates you need to get started. Everything is completely customizable for your insurance agency. We want to give you a head start in winning back your agency’s unsold quotes.

If your insurance agency is looking to grow, look no further than the database you already have at your fingertips. Your insurance agency’s unsold insurance quotes. This is a great strategy for a new agent to practice on and there is no reason to spend money on marketing and leads until you are working the opportunities you have right at your fingertips! With our Process Pack you can get started quickly on reconnecting with your unsold quotes and get your agency to start adding additional new business today.

If your insurance agency has any questions be sure to contact us.