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Insurance Agency Marketing and Branding

Does insurance agency marketing and branding make you confused? It’s not your fault! You need a plan. For many insurance agents, no one ever trained them on how to market an insurance agency. They learned how to protect and insure people and businesses. However, insurance agency marketing and branding has become more important than ever. It’s also more complicated than ever.

To tackle insurance marketing, you need to start by having a clear vision of your dream client. This cannot be simply people who pay their bills, value insurance and have multiple policies. Newsflash: everyone wants these clients! Instead, you need to break down specific demographics by using personas to create avatars of your dream client. This includes what their major pain points and questions are.

From there your insurance agency needs to identify your brand, or what your look and messaging will be. An outsider should assist with this process to help move you out of your comfort zone. Your new insurance agency brand should not just be something that you love, but something that is also attractive to your dream client.

Next, your insurance agency needs to create agency goals so that your marketing can complement those goals. If your marketing plan is not tied to your agency’s goals, you’re marketing without a roadmap. You should have your marketing, sales and leadership team all in alignment to gain the best results.

You may want to consider adding a marketing person to your team. Marketing is very detailed and complicated today. Each channel has very specific best practices that change monthly. Therefore, it’s a good idea to spend part of your agency’s marketing budget on hiring either contractors or a full time insurance agency team member.