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Performance Training & Adds Ons: Reduce Remarketing: Fillable PDF Customized


Making edits for your agency is easy. Once you purchase the package, we will reach out to you with a form for you to send us your edits. We turn them around in under a week so your agency can start reducing remarketing!


Need to Customize Your Remarketing to Increase Retention?

Need help reducing remarketing with our custom remarketing PDF? Let us help you customize the sheet to meet your agency’s exact remarketing standards. The remarketing PDF is the backbone to reduce remarketing in your insurance agency.

Over time you will need to make modifications and edits to the remarketing sheet to keep it relevant for your team. We are here to help in the event that you need additional edits to the call sheet over time.

Updating the sheet for your insurance agency is easy.  Once you complete the purchase, we will be in touch to capture all of your edits, or you can upload a mocked-up version to us. We will get your custom forms back to you within 1 week and handle one round of edits.

Layout of our Remarketing PDF

Step 1: Find the Why

Your team can review the account to identify any situations the client may have had this year that would point to a cause for a rate increase. We will also review any outside factors to determine the why of the rate increase.

Step 2: Discount Review

In this section, we can either have you modify our standard discounts or you can send us your carrier discount list as outlined in the course. We will add it to the sheet so your team can quickly identify discount opportunities without having to go through the hassle of a remarketing.

Step 3: Remarketing Standards

In this section we combine a few commonsense reasons to not remarket an account with your specific agency standards. We recommend that you review our course section on the decisions the agency should make.

Call Sheets & Scripts

We strongly believe that scripts or talking points help give agents direction. In our call sheet we integrate the process with our best talking points for your team!

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