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Performance Pack Training & Adds Ons: Raise Your Hand Poster


Raise Your Hand Poster

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Our AppX Retention Raise Your Hand Poster is the perfect addition to our proactive renewal review call program.

We know one of the biggest challenges in getting started in making the renewal review calls is time. You are finding time to make new calls while servicing insurance renewals that are in process.

When you hold out for 60 days consistently, you will start to see a change in the inbound calls coming at your team. This AppX Retention Raise Your Hand poster is a great reminder that we are all in the program together.

The concept of raising your hand is to make sure that when your team feels stressed or overwhelmed, rather than let work pile up, they raise their hand and communicate. Agency team leaders can assist and help them balance their workload and expectations. Also, other agency team members may be able to lend a helping hand and work together. All too often insurance agency team members work in isolation rather than communicating and working collectively like a true team. This poster is a great reminder to use the resources around you to get the job done.

We like to say that raising your hand is an act of courage, not weakness. However, many of us see asking for help as as sign of failure. Help re-program your team to understand that working together is the key to success. While you may think everyone is busy, everyone’s busy is different. By communicating, we can solve problems before they become a bad online review or end with a very stressed-out agency team member. This poster can be a friendly reminder to your team that you want them to communicate and ask for help so as an agency you can all be ridiculously amazing.

Hang the poster in the break room or conference room to share your values with your team.