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Our 6 month retention program hyper-focuses on setting and hitting monthly retention  goals, personal development, effective tracking and accountability.  Our goal is to turn your agency into a retention-driven organization. The truth is many agencies do not call their clients proactively to review accounts. Through this program every client will receive an annual review phone call.

After only 6 months we see on average a reduction in team stress, 1-2% increase in retention and 4-8 account rounds per person per month. 


2 Onsite Training Days

Designed Content

Interactive Session






Bi-Weekly Metrics to Show Results

Run by APP


Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls


Plan of Attack


we are offering culture change


Training has temporary results. Building a sales culture sets your agency up for long term success. See our results in just three months.

36% Increase in Closing Account Rounds

n just 6 months, agencies experience a 36% increase in account rounding closing ratios.

80% Closing Ratio on Remarkets

80% Closing Ratio on Remarkets means your team is decreasing the number of remarkets and remarketing when there is cause.

95% of agents would not go back

Once agents see the value of a solid sales process, they have no desire to go back to their old ways.

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Insurance Management Group

Marion, TX


Learn how this team went from stress to success.
Retention Boosting Case Study

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Are you looking to boost retention and decrease workload? Register your entire team for this webinar that focuses on how your team can increase retention, referrals and account rounding while boosting retention and decreasing workload. We will cover everything from scripts, cancellation process and how to get ahead of your renewals to provide better service.


Retention, sounds easy right? The life blood of every agency, renewable income. So then why do so many agencies 1) Not track it and/or 2) Guess…

You may think you can just go off your top carrier’s number.  You can’t do that. As an independent agent you move business. Book rolls, rewrites etc. You simply can’t go off of those numbers if you want accuracy. What you have to do is track it yourself.


Retention is the miraculous part of this business. Renewable income! Most would kill to be in an industry that provides this kind of luxury. However, if you don’t know your retention rate, you are throwing the best part of this business away.


Each quarter Agency Performance Partners releases a new client case study to clearly share with you our work and results from agencies who consistently and passionately follow our strategies and lessons learned in our training sessions. For this quarter, we are sharing with you the results of Sheets, Forrest & Draper from Marion, Iowa.

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