APPX: Retention Experience

Retention is the miraculous part of the insurance business: renewable income is the lifeblood of every agency! Most entrepreneurs in other industries would kill to be in a business affording this opportunity. But if your team members are among the 85% who don’t know your agency's retention rate, you are missing enormous potential. While many agencies believe their retention is high, few know their actual retention number. Once we help you learn your retention rate, Agency Performance Partners can work with your team to drive it up. Even a high retention rate can get better through our strategies. Every policy saved drives more to the bottom line.

Our 6-month retention program hyper-focuses on setting and hitting monthly retention goals, personal development, effective tracking and accountability. Our goal is to turn your agency into a retention-driven organization. The truth is many agencies do not call their clients proactively to review accounts. Through this program every client will receive an annual review phone call.

We help your team learn how to increase retention, referrals and account coverage, while boosting retention and decreasing workload. This is a win-win. It’s the right thing for your client because it provides a much more personal renewal experience and your team educates clients to exposures they might have missed. And it’s the right thing for your team, who are increasing revenue, maximizing the lifetime value of the client and reducing your agency's E&O exposure.

We train your team to go from reactive to proactive, putting your team in control of communication and reducing the number of re-shops, in-bound calls, complaints and questions. One way that this program accomplishes this is by ensuring that every client will receive an annual review phone call. After only 6 months we see on average a reduction in team stress, a 1-2% increase in retention and 4-8 account rounds per person, per month.

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  • Two Onsite Training Days
  • Designed Content
  • Interactive Session
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  • Bi-Weekly Metrics
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  • Scripts
  • Role Playing
  • Worksheet
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  • Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Workbook
  • Plan of Attack


Learn more about out AppX Retention Experience and how it has transformed agencies just like you. If you are concerned about team buy in, leave it to us. We are experts on rallying the troops and getting everyone on board.