Agency Performance Partners

Agency Performance Pack Training & Adds Ons

Pack training add ons are a great complement to the Agency Performance Pack. We are excited to help your team become Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Agents! Part of that process is making sure your team has not only the right training (which you did by investing in our online school), but also the right tools. The Agency Performance Pack Training Add Ons are here to help complement your team’s success.

Each training includes a digital workbook. Some agencies want to take it to the next level and provide their team professionally printed and bound workbooks to help fuel their training. This is a great way to announce the new direction of the agency.

Insurance agencies also seek out the Agency Performance Partners team to help them process their data. Each program has a way to track your team’s results. We can work with you to export data from your system and process it to show historical data. Many agencies use this to help show transparency in performance and to motivate and recognize team members.

We also have posters for most programs. Agencies like to hang these in their offices to remind the team of the mission of the training. The posters serve as a great reminder for each team member to reach their potential by practicing the skills they are learning.

Your biggest investment is payroll, so by investing in your team, your agency can be ridiculously amazing. We want to help fuel your success with the add ons your team members need to take it to the next level of success and hit their potential.