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Insurance Time Management: Slowing Down to Speed Up (3 Minute Video)

insurance time management

Posted on January 13, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

The hard truth about working as an insurance agent is that it can sometimes feel like we’re absolutely buried by work, and in order to get ahead of it all, we feel like we need to move as fast as possible. Insurance time management is not something that’s necessarily taught as a skill, and it’s all too common for agents to rush from task to task, as if running a marathon. But here’s the thing about rushing: it actually adds more work to our plates, because we need to cut corners. If we take a breath and slow down, we’re ultimately able to speed up, because we’re able to get the job done right.

Here’s what we accomplish when we slow down to speed up:

We think about the outcomes

When we slow down to speed up, we’re focused on the outcome, instead of the task itself. Instead of simply checking things off the list, we’re thinking about how to get the best outcome possible. For example, we can offer a better option for our client, even if it takes a few extra minutes of our time. At the end, the client will be better off than they were before, ultimately making the agent’s job easier in the long run.

We reduce costly mistakes

When we’re rushing from task to task, mistakes are bound to happen, whether it’s something small like sloppy documentation, or a more serious error. When these mistakes happen, an entire agency can get turned on its head, and it may need to dedicate hours to fixing the problem. When we focus on the one thing in front of us at a time, we reduce mistakes, and improve outcomes.

We experience valuable growth

When you slow down and put extra time and effort into each task, you’ll actually be able to experience real growth. For example, asking for a Google review or a referral may seem like a time-consuming task that can go on the back burner. But that one extra Google referral could give you several new, organic leads a month.

Everyone involved will have a better experience

When we slow down, the job gets completed in a way where the client, the agent, and even the agency are all having a better experience. By pacing yourself and doing a great job, you’re investing in your future, and are bound to reap the benefits.

The bottom line is that slowing down ensures the job is fully completed with maximum benefit, while rushing is simply going to add more work to your plate. Instead of sprinting through your to-do list, pace yourself, in order to become an expert at insurance time management.


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