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Insurance Retention: Proactive vs. Reactive Strategies (3 Minute Video)

insurance retention

Posted on January 12, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

As an insurance agent, when your customers pick up the phone and call you, it’s likely that they have a complaint or concern. This means that a lot of your day involves putting out fires after they happen. In order to be a ridiculously amazing agent, and drive insurance retention and cross selling, you need to adopt a proactive strategy, instead of a reactive strategy.

Ridiculously Amazing agents are proactive, they’re not letting the day happen to them.” (3:58)

Why Adopt a Proactive Insurance Retention Strategy

It’s a common practice in our industry that many agencies wait for the customer to call them. But in reality, a customer is likely only to call when they have a complaint, such as when their rate goes up. Or even worse, a customer may leave without even calling. Adopting a proactive strategy will help you become an invaluable asset to your customers, and allow you to be more successful with insurance retention.

How to Adopt a Proactive Strategy

Here are four steps to help you adopt a proactive strategy to boost your insurance retention.

  • Find solutions for problems a client didn’t know they had

There are plenty of potential issues that clients may not be aware of, which you have the power to easily remedy, or bring to their attention. For example, a client may not know you don’t have their cell phone number, or they may think that their credit card processor is covering their transactions. Little things like this can make a big difference in the life of your client.

  • Don’t just take orders from your clients

In order to be proactive, it’s important to not just follow every order the client gives. That’s because your client is not the one who is licensed, and truth be told, most people don’t fully understand insurance. It’s your responsibility as an agent to lead them and educate them. Don’t allow yourself to feel discomfort at the idea of being “pushy,” and instead, know that you add value to your customers when you explain things to them, and help lead them in the right direction.

  • Work to proactively manage renewals

Taking the time to manage your renewals is a worthy investment, and it’s definitely possible, no matter your staffing or other constraints. If you’re curious about how exactly you can proactively manage renewals, take a look at our Proactive Renewal Review Call Program. You can also check out our recent podcast with Vanessa Kimball from The Kimball Group, who was able to use our program to get her team to a place where it’s making 100% of their renewal calls. By building those relationships proactively, your job will become much easier.

  • Proactively educate clients on options for coverage

The truth of insurance is that many people don’t understand their coverage, and as agents, when we get busy, it can seem time-consuming to try to explain different options to your clients. But at the end of the day, your customers want to be seen and heard, and by speaking to them person-to-person, and explaining their coverage and different options, you’re setting them up for success. You’re the licensed professional, and you have a wealth of knowledge to share with your customers.


Adopting a proactive approach may seem like a big undertaking, but it’s key to making your job easier, and getting your retention to a place where you want it.  Adopting a proactive approach requires a plan, and we want to partner with your agency to help make it Ridiculously Amazing. Interested in learning more? Check out the Work With Us page.


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