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Posted on July 10, 2023 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Watch Our Podcast On Insurance Sales Objections

Getting insurance sales objections are either the pits or empowering when you have the right plan. Every salesperson I have ever met would love a lead to come in with dec pages in hand, zero price sensitivity, and for the lead to have a passion for coverage. But let’s be really honest, without a few insurance sales objections our job would become boring. 

When you follow a good and consistent sales process you will greatly reduce the number of insurance sales objections you have to overcome. So if you would like a review of your sales process let us know! If you don’t have a sales process, definitely contact us! 

However, even the top sales professionals still get sales objections. Understanding how to overcome sales objections will help you close the deal. 

When we speak about overcoming objections to agency team members that don’t view themselves as sales professionals oftentimes we get bitter beer faces. 

There is a misconception that when you are working to overcome a client’s objection you are being pushy or forceful. While that may be true of some sales professionals I have yet to encounter insurance sales agents who take it too far. 

In fact in my opinion I think too often we are too lenient and need to beef up our ways to work through objections.

“Overcoming a sales objection is simply embracing a client’s concerns.”

Kelly Donahue-Piro, President of APP

Building a Sales Process That Reduces Sales Objections

Before we dive into how we are going to slay these insurance sales objections let’s start with what goes into a great sales process. Processes are something that you do routinely, not just when you feel like it. 

We see many agencies that have a quoting process but few have a sales process. A sales process puts the client at the center of everything you do. A quoting process is about getting an accurate quote. Here is the reality you need both, not just one of them. 

In our Agency Sales Training, we outline the following insurance sales process:

  • Build Rapport: You need to take time to learn about the opportunity. Too often agents jump into the quote sheet or underwriting questions. Instead, take a moment to listen and learn. During this period you also want to qualify for the lead. 

Your time is valuably chasing everything that wants to be written is not a solid sales strategy. In our sales training, we go over the top rapport and sales questions to ask to set your sale up for success. 

  • Insurance Interrogation: Next up, you have to get underwriting information. This is a delicate balance between just enough information to get an accurate quote without interrogating the client. 

This should be smooth and conversational to gather the information you need. 

  • Setting Expectations: Did you know that quoting over the phone has the highest closing ratio? Yes, it does but many agents still struggle with the concept. 

If you can’t quote over the phone what you can do is set expectations that you will be giving the prospect 2-3 options and set an appointment to review the quote. 

  • Delivering the Quote: Now I know this sounds weird but we need to practice how we deliver the quote. This is your great presentation! 

You want to review 2-3 options and hopefully 4 lines of coverage. That takes practice. We need to promote the carriers, coverage, and features – then price. 

  • Ask For The Business: You just gave the presentation of your life! Now it’s time to move to the close. For many agents, we aren’t sure what to do. 

If you provided 2-3 options we should be getting a soft yes to one of the options. This leans in to allow us to ask where to send the application and close the sale. 

You can avoid key insurance sales objections by asking key questions, using stories, and front-loading common objections when you have the right strategy you can limit and reduce many objections that can hold you back!

If your agency needs to boost insurance sales – download our free weekly insurance producer planning guide. This document has helped many agents boost productivity, get organized and focus their weekly revenue-generating activities!

weekly producer plan

Overcoming the Top 6 Sales Objections

While we are reviewing the top 6 objections there are probably more like 12. In order to get really good at overcoming insurance sales objections we have created a formula for overcoming any objection:

Formula To Encourage (CENT)

  • Confirm: I understand completely
  • Engage: You’re on the same team
  • Neglect: What would happen if we neglected this opportunity?
  • Teach: The best teachers ask questions

As we review each objection you will see our CENT format come through. Also if you want to really overcome the objection you should get good at your Late Night DJ voice (I beg you to watch this oldie but goodie video):

Objection #1: I need to talk to my spouse/business partner

Well, this one grinds my gears! However, it is legitimate in some situations but not all. The reality is it can be a blow-off more than a true objection. How you handle it must be smooth, delicate yet firm. 

How to Stop The Objection: We love making the objection not happen so you never have to avoid it. Some Ways you can avoid this objection include:

  • Asking up front who the decision maker is 
  • Asking how the client will be making their final decision
  • When setting the appointment to review quotes confirm if there is anyone else who should 

What To Do To Overcome The Objection

First of all, when you get this objection we want to think? This could be a blowoff. This is not a good thing but it presents as a normal and natural objection. You may even be thinking in your life it would be what you would do. 

However, it’s clear that in many instances the prospect just didn’t want to break your heart and make it awkward. 

When you do get this objection here are some ways you can work around it and through it:

  • See if you can grab the spouse/partner now to go over the quote! No time like the present. 
  • If they are not available then ask – will you be recommending to your spouse/business partner that we move forward with this quote?
  • When will you be able to connect so I can follow up and we can finalize your quote?
Confirm I understand completely.
Engage I like to consult with my spouse about these types of items, too. 
Neglect Have you spoken with your spouse about this quote, or should we get on a call to review it together?
Teach When we speak, will you recommend that we move forward with the quote to your spouse?

Objection #2: Your Price Is Too High

Oddly enough I love this objection. This means I have their heart and head. I need to identify how to get to their wallet. 

The hardest sale is getting the prospect to like and trust you – the money thing we can work on and through. Sometimes the cost is a misunderstanding so hearing this means you have the opportunity. 

How to Stop The Objection: We love making the objection not happen so you never have to avoid it. Some 

Ways you can avoid this objection include:

  • Make sure you work to get what the client is currently paying and what their renewal comes in at. You really need to beat the renewal pricing, not the current pricing. However, clients generally want to keep paying their current amount. 
  • Ask what their families insurance budget looks like 
  • Make sure you ask if you can apply for all discounts (this may include other policies, telematics, pay in full etc.) this allows you to quote at the advantage, not the disadvantage. 

What To Do To Overcome The Objection

Remember price is relative there are several different ways to get an insurance price down. We can’t think with our own pockets. 

It’s not our policy we want to quote with every discount we can and share with the client they can pay X but here is how. 

Confirm I understand completely.
Engage I know everyone has a budget to work with. 
Neglect However, I’d hate to see you be disappointed in the event of a claim or not getting the service you deserve.
Teach May I ask, if the price was the same, who would you rather do business with? 

Objection #3: Let Me Think About It

Now this one is hard, you may be thinking you personally would want to think about it. However, we need to practice not just the golden rule but the platinum rule:

Golden Rule: Treat others the way you would want to be treated

Platinum Rule: Treat others the way they want to be treated

Similar to the spouse objection I need to think about it may also be a blow-off. While some people will need to think about it – many may be letting you down easily so you need to explore a bit deeper what this insurance sales objection really means. 

How to Stop The Objection: We love making the objection not happen so you never have to avoid it. Some Ways you can avoid this objection include:

  • Make sure they are clear on what you presented insurance can be complicated
  • Clarify what they need to ponder (are they taking your quote to their current agent?)
  • Clarify how they are making their final decision 

What To Do To Overcome The Objection

You have to be gentle and delicate on this. The analytical personality type will need to think about – they do not make decisions quickly. 

When you can learn the personality types you can identify if this is the reality or an objection. 

Confirm I understand completely.
Engage I like to think about these kinds of decisions, too. 
Neglect However, if something were to happen, and you didn’t have the right coverage, I think we would both share some regret. 
Teach May I ask, what about the quote is giving you cause for concern?

Objection #4: Just Email Me the Quote

If you remember the golden vs. the platinum rule it applies here too. Just because you would want (or you prefer they have the quote in front of them) doesn’t mean that is the best closing strategy.  

If you email the quote of 4 lines and 2-3 options NO ONE will be able to understand that. When they are confused, you lose. 

Instead, you want to be proud of your work! You put great time and effort into the quote. Don’t just email so it can be sent to other agents or be misunderstood. 

When you email the quote the only thing the prospect will look at is the quote and they will decide if they will ever speak to you again. 

How to Stop The Objection: We love making the insurance sales objection not happen so you never have to avoid it. Some Ways you can avoid this objection include:

  • Set the stage for your process upfront
  • Work around the objection by letting them know you will send the final quote after you review it and the client makes their final decision
  • Hold strong – your work is valuable 

What To Do To Overcome The Objection

You may be tempted to do this because you don’t want to upset the prospect. I’m telling you not to do it! Someone reading this will do it and lose the sale and then I want you to think of me!

Confirm I understand completely.
Engage I like to look at things first as well. 
Neglect However, insurance is too complicated, and I find that emails can confuse people. 
Teach What I would rather do is send you the application with a video proposal. This way, if you like what you see, you can electronically sign and get started. Is this the best email address for you?

Objection #5: I’m Going To Stay With My Current Agent

There is nothing worse! You do all this work and then find out you must practice quotes. What a bummer. We want more practice closing not quoting. 

The path of least resistance is for the client to stay with their current agent. So you have to be better than what they currently have – we do this by having a consistent sales process!

Here is the thing, I don’t believe that people spend their time quoting insurance for fun. I think it’s the opposite: no one really wants to quote their insurance. 

When we lose these deals it’s often because we failed to build rapport, build value and let the client see we are the better option. 

How to Stop The Objection: We love making the objection not happen so you never have to avoid it. Some Ways you can avoid this objection include:

  • Ask them how they will make their final insurance decision
  • Ask them how many agents they have connected with 
  • Ask if you can find better coverage in their budget and are they willing to change agent

What To Do To Overcome The Objection

For this one, it’s time to throw down! Do not be shy and do not back down. You can leave it all on the field!

Confirm I understand completely.
Engage We have many clients just like that at this agency. 
Neglect What do you enjoy about the agency you have your X policy with?
Teach Sometimes, people are concerned about having to break up with their current agent. Just so you know, we handle all of that paperwork for you. You really are getting a great package here. What would need to change to earn this policy?

Objection #6: Ghosting

Ghosting is a problem these days and probably the biggest challenge that we have. We have everyone’s private information, we spend time together, and then poof they disappear. 

I think in insurance we have become far too apathetic to the situation. We need to get fired up when we get ghosted. 

Here is the challenge – we spent all the time and we didn’t have any idea they weren’t into us. We need to do better about controlling the conversations. 

How to Stop The Objection: We love making the objection not happen so you never have to avoid it. Some 

Ways you can avoid this objection include:

  • BAMFAM – Book a call from a call never leave a call without a confirmed next step
  • Build Rapport and find out how they will make the final decision
  • Follow up!

What To Do To Overcome The Objection

On this one, since you have not received an objection it’s hard to overcome it but we have a way! You need to make 6 follow-up calls and the final call is the break-up. That is your punishment for not building the relationship and cutting some corners. 

What Happens When You Don’t Sell A Lead 

It happens but we need to learn from it and get stronger. When you don’t sell a lead you can win back unsold quotes with the right process. We have a whole Process Pack to help you build your process. 

Insurance Sales Strategy

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