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Sales Process In Insurance: Presenting the Quote

Posted on April 15, 2024 by Kelly Donahue Piro

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Sales Process In Insurance: Presenting the Quote

Why is a Sales Process Important? I remember when I started in an insurance agency, I knew nothing about insurance. 

Like most of my jobs, even teaching in a foreign country, I was told to figure it out. I didn’t have a strategy. I listened and learned as I went. 

Imagine that everyone in your agency does this. How many different processes and Insurance Quote Sheet would you have? If everyone does their own thing, how will we know if they are asking the right questions, to cross-sell and ask for the sale? We won’t. 

That is why we need to guide our staff in how we want the agency to run.  So here we will present the quote.  Based on an Insurance Quote Sheet that everyone uses we can then present our quote to our client. Hopefully, we keep the client on the phone and run through our quote sheet entering information into our quoting system as we go. 

We then review coverages and cross-sell quotes we may have also created and ask for the sale. Here we will detail what “Presenting the Quote” exists of.

Presenting the Quote

How can you craft a compelling quote that your customer will want? What are the great points and features of this quote? 

Be clear and concise and think about how you would want to hear the quote if you knew nothing about insurance. Use what you know about the industry to strengthen the quote. If you know the coverage that is most often missing during a claim, make sure your customer has it, and make sure you discuss why it is important to have it. 

When presenting the quote, present visual aids or video conference with the client to discuss and explain options.

“We change our clothes, our cars, our home, but do we change our mindset?” -David Goggins Let’s start thinking about Growth Goals and how we can change our mindset to be goal-oriented and strive for bigger and better things! 

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Getting to Know Them

When you speak to your customers, get to know them. How do they communicate, what is their preferred communication? Phone, text, email? Do they work from home or travel for work? Knowing your customer is half the battle. 

The better you get to know them the better you can present the quote to them in a way they will understand. A thoughtful presentation will sell a quote. Design and edit your  Insurance Quote Sheet for your agency to encourage the above items.

What About Us?

Do we tell the customer about ourselves and our agency? I think we fail to realize how building a basis for our agency helps to build trust and credibility. Build your  Insurance Quote Sheet with this in mind. When we tell them something about ourselves and our agency it is a way of winning them over before we even start. 

People want to build relationships not feel like a transaction. What have other customers said about you and your agency? Adding these comments can also help to build trust.  

Building Value

When a customer throws out an objection, how do you react? Do you ask questions and resolve their concerns immediately?  Finding solutions on the spot will help the customer believe in you and the process you have for presenting the quote and asking for the sale.

When it comes to price, who won’t complain? I mean seriously who truly wants and thinks insurance is necessary unless you have actually used it and it worked out well? We as insurance agents have to build value. We need to be creative at showing the customer the value they are getting for their money.  

We need to determine their needs and find the policy that fits perfectly with the perks they need at this time in their lives. This will all be different and will need to be structured strategically for their age and stage in life.  

Payment options will also need to be tailored to their needs, so everything from the top to the bottom (A-Z) in these policies need to be catered and specific to each and every customer. 

Add it to your  Insurance Quote Sheet. And that is how you give great customer service and wow your customers. If a customer mentions having adequate coverage that is a great talking point and gives the agent the opportunity to talk about higher limits and better coverage. 

I personally find that we have to build people up to this. Younger people normally want the lowest and cheapest. We need to give them the best for their situation. We also need to educate them as the insurance adviser, letting them know that as they grow and have more assets their insurance needs to grow and get better with them. 

All of these items should show your customers the value you provide as their trusted insurance and then there really are no competitors at this point that can come close to the service you are providing.

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Educate, Educate, Educate

Don’t forget that we all can learn something new and we need to focus on training and learning too. We cannot successfully educate our clients if we are not learning and growing every day. 

When you run into opportunities where you are unaware of how to answer something or you don’t know the answer, use it as an opportunity to ask questions of other seasoned insurance agents. But also take note of unsuccessful sales attempts. What did they do right and what did they do wrong? 

Learn from these experiences. If you are a boss or a leader we suggest you have training sessions often, role play, and walk through scenarios, the better prepared your agents are to handle objections and questions the better value they will be able to build with the customer in turn causing the customer to trust in you, your agents and your agency. 

We all know the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, well yes you can, and if your seasoned staff pushes back on training you need to push harder. You can not get better and evolve with the people, generations, and technology if you do not learn and grow with it. 

Those seasoned employees truly have no place on your staff if they will not learn and grow and be team players. Anyone who refuses to change for the good of the agency, their team, or the agency’s customers has no place at a successful growing agency. 

We know it is hard, but the truth hurts, and keeping these staff members only hurts your agency and other staff members.


So make sure your Insurance Quote Sheet is consistent, it focuses on building value and doesn’t focus on price.  For years we were solely focused on price because we could get good prices, but now that won’t cut it in this market. 

We have to show our customers that our agency and staff are the value they need to stay with us. We review policies and find discounts. When we sell a policy we are focused on the outcome, a great customer that we can help and service. 

We do not see people just as transactions to sell a policy to and then pass them on to service staff. The new game doesn’t work that way, no matter how hard we would like to believe it. You must have a customer-centric approach for long-term success.

What does your  Insurance Quote Sheet look like, do you even have one? Now is the time to build one and have everyone in your agency use it.

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