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How To Sell Insurance If You Think Sales Is A Dirty Word (3 Minute Video)

How to Sell Insurance

Posted on January 14, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

As an insurance agent, you may not think of yourself as much of a textbook salesperson. In fact, you may cringe a little bit at the word “sales,” because you have a negative association with it. But here’s a question for you: how can you sell insurance if you think sales is a dirty word? If you’re buying into the stigma around sales, you’re going to have a tougher time selling insurance to your clients. But if you can flip your perspective and embrace sales, you’re setting yourself up to educate and lead your clients, and help ensure they have the best coverage possible.

it’s time we embrace the idea that sales is not a dirty word. Sales is just educating and leading.” (4:34)


Here’s how you can overcome negative thoughts about sales, and what happens when you do.


Flip your mindset about sales

You may think of sales as a dirty word, but what if instead, you thought about how much you were helping your clients with these sales? That’s what sales really is: connecting your clients to opportunities and solutions. And if you do that, you’re really an educator, and someone who is leading people to the best solution.

Reframe the mental money obstacle

Sometimes an agent may feel guilty about how much money a client is spending, and almost self-sabotage a sale, so the client doesn’t spend any more. But it’s important to understand that each client has insurance needs, and they’re going to spend that money on insurance somewhere. At the end of the day, it’s better they spend it with you, who they have a relationship with, and who is looking out for them.

Realize the value in your services

While it’s true that people may spend a lot of money on insurance, that’s because insurance is actually a solution to a problem, and that coverage is a need. As the agent, you’re providing them with an opportunity to solve their problems. Think of it this way: no one wants to pay for insurance, but everyone wants their problem solved. Your responsibility as the agent is to be the educator, alert people of the possible solutions, and then step back while they make their own decisions.

Lose the guilt over time consumption

Sometimes as an agent, it can feel like a client isn’t going to want to spend the time with us to talk through their insurance. But of course, if we simply do exactly what a client says, and treat them like a transaction, they’re going to want the task finished as quickly as possible. But if we slow down, treat each client as a person, and take the time to ask questions, we might be able to uncover some valuable information. Instead of worrying about the time consumption, worry that your client might be under-insured or have coverage gaps.

If you’re struggling with how to sell insurance, it’s because you probably don’t think of yourself as a salesperson. But if you embrace the role of educator and leader, and operate with the goal of ensuring your client has the right policies and coverage, you can reframe your thinking around sales, and maximize your ability to help your clients.

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