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Champion Change: How to Enthusiastically Try In Your Insurance Agency

Posted on January 6, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Now that the new year is in full swing, and you’re on your way to becoming a Ridiculously Amazing Agent in 2021, you may be experiencing some changes in your work. And no matter what role you have, there’s one thing that’s true for every member of your team: everyone needs to try new things enthusiastically.

You have to enthusiastically try, because one way is far easier than the other. When you’re not enthusiastically trying, top secretly, you’re hoping the agency gives up on change, and you go back to the way things always were.” (2:51)

When an agency launches a new initiative, or proposes a new idea, there are typically a couple of things that happen. For example, there’s the “post-meeting meeting,” where team members might negatively react to new changes. Is that enthusiastically trying? No, definitely not, and in fact, that is actively fighting against changes.

If you’re looking to realize your full potential as a Ridiculously Amazing Agent in 2021, here’s how you can enthusiastically try in your insurance agency.

Keep an open mind

When you encounter change, it’s important to keep an open mind. If you find that you’re struggling with a new idea or initiative, as many of us do, raise your hand and bring up your struggles. By opening up a dialogue, you’re enthusiastically trying, instead of working behind the scenes to slow down progress.

Have grace, and acknowledge new things can be difficult

The first few times you try something new, it likely might be a little bit painful, because new things can be difficult. But it’s important to acknowledge that bruises heal, and if you push through, you’re going to be stronger and better off than when you started.

Make change central

When agents are fighting against change, they may conveniently “forget” to do the new initiative, or follow the new protocol. That’s definitely not enthusiastically trying. In order to be a Ridiculously Amazing Agent, make change as central to your day as brushing your teeth or drinking your morning coffee.

When you’re not enthusiastically trying, you’re essentially hoping your agency gives up on change, and goes back to its old ways. This will ultimately lead to you missing out on bigger wins in the long run, such as growth, raises, and bonuses. Plus, people tend to get sick of that Eeyore attitude pretty quickly.

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