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Busy Vs. Productive: Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Agents in 2021

busy vs productive

Posted on January 7, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

If there’s one word that really drives us crazy, it’s the word “busy.” You may be wondering why that is, because being busy might sound like a positive thing. It may seem helpful to have a loaded schedule and always be speeding through your work. But in our eyes, being busy is actually the antithesis of being productive, and we see being busy as an excuse.

“We can stop being busy if we focus on being productive, and we embrace change enthusiastically.” (2:47)

So if you often say the words “I’m so busy,” this one is for you, and yes we’re calling you out. But that’s because in order to be a Ridiculously Amazing Agent in 2021, you need to break up with the word “busy.” Using the word “productive” is a way to say you’re tackling the biggest things, and doing the important tasks that you really need to get done.

 How do we start moving away from the word “busy,” and start shifting to the word “productive?”

We take steps stop losing money on our accounts

If you’re doing things like overservicing your least desirable accounts, of course you’re going to feel inundated with work. When you’re losing money on accounts, and keep repeating that behavior, you’re going to be tasked with things that take up unnecessary time, and feel busy, instead of productive.

Make a strong effort to get people on EFT

If you’re manually taking payments from your clients, you’re going to be spending 10-15 minutes per client per month on the phone. That turns into 2-3 hours every year for each client, and agencies simply don’t have the resources for that. When your clients are on EFT, you’ll be doing a lot less “busy” work, and can focus on big-picture items.

Conduct an efficiency audit

In order to see exactly how you can shift your efforts to “productive,” you need to conduct an efficiency audit. This will help you determine things like what is bloated, what is not efficient, and how you can use technology to maximize your efficiency.

While saving a few minutes here and there may not seem like a big deal, these little things really add up. Saving just five minutes in a workday leads to more than 21 hours over the course of a year. If we can stop being busy, we can focus on being productive, enthusiastically embrace change, outlast the suck of change, and ultimately become a Ridiculously Amazing Agent in 2021.

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