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Best Practices of Insurance Training – How To Make Training Work

Posted on March 4, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Best Practices of Insurance Training – How to Make Training Work

If you’ve thought about training your insurance agency, but you haven’t done it yet, what’s holding you back?

Training on its own as simply an e-course doesn’t always work. You’ll pick up good tips and tricks. But training with tracking, accountability, praise and consistency does work.”

We’ll tell you a secret: we’ve heard people before voice questions about how effective our insurance training is. When we hear this, it’s often accompanied by a leader saying something along the lines of, “Oh, my team won’t buy into training.”


If you’re a leader at an insurance agency and you find it tough to believe your team will be able to benefit from an online training, we have some things for you to consider. That’s because as a leader, your responsibility is to make sure you agents are properly trained, and not only on coverage. If you want to see strong sales across the board and improvement week after week, it’s not going to happen on it’s own. Here are some of the reasons why our training can actually make a difference.


  • Podcasts and videos won’t cut it

If you think your team can listen to a handful of podcasts and come out with a whole new skillset, think again. There’s a big difference between passively watching some videos or listening to some podcasts, and actually participating in a training. Many workers are not going to be invested in videos that offer no consistency, repetition, and real-world application, for example.


  • Incentives and recognition are vital

Recognition and praise can be two of the most important components of training, at least if you want to have that training stick. You’re asking people to go out of their natural comfort zone, and in return, you need to be their big cheerleader. By having an educator in your corner, agents will get praise and positive feedback, which will encourage them to continue.


  • Accountability and tracking are also crucial

Beyond praise, there’s also a need for accountability and tracking of progress, or else agents will simply skirt responsibility. By tracking particular metrics, such as if agents asked two people a day for cross-sells, and by using your management system, we can turn teachable ideas into real-world results.


  • Know that it will take time

With every training, there’s a cycle that happens. The first week, you’ll probably notice minimal effort and application of the lessons taught, and the second week, you’ll have a few more adapters. In the third week, maybe it gets addressed by management, which leads to people really rolling in the fourth week. While results won’t be instant, they will happen.


In order to make sure your team is Ridiculously Amazing in 2021, you need to give them the proper tools. Setting your team up for success with training will make sure everyone at your agency is smashing their insurance goals, getting their insurance time management under control, and always delivering quotes over the phone.


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