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How To Close An Insurance Quote: Assume the Sale

Posted on March 3, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

How to Close an Insurance Quote – Assume The Sale

In order to step up your insurance game in 2021, you need to close an insurance quote like a pro.

If you just start doing this, you’ll hear more “yeses.” But most importantly too, your sale will speed up.

But closing an insurance quote sale can be tricky, and can often feel unnerving, especially for the agent who is unsure how to close. Look no further, we have your back. If you want to make sure you close time and time again, here are concrete steps you should follow.


1. Never email a quote

This is something we’ve spoken about before, but it’s worth bringing up here. Agents should never be emailing quotes without having conversations over the phone. Firstly, insurance quotes can seem immensely complex to clients, and we don’t want to have them Googling what their quote really means. Secondly, having a conversation over the phone is a great way of providing them with multiple options. So instead of “take it or leave it,” we say “let me share this,” or “can I show you that?”


2.Provide options for a “soft yes”

Providing options to your clients helps them pick the one that works best for them, but it can also help you close an insurance quote sale, by getting what we call a “soft yes.” When you give two or three options, a client will tell you which one they are leaning towards, which gives you a green light towards one option.


3.Don’t invite doubt into the conversation

During a potential close, words matter, and you want to make sure you’re not inviting any doubt into the conversation. If you say things like “Think about it and let me know!” you’re inviting your client to say no. Stay away from phrases that will invite your client to doubt the sale.


4.Lead them to the next step

Instead of saying things that invite doubt to the conversation, choose words that lead your client to the next step. You can say something like “Since I’ve been able to solve your major concerns, what credit card did you want to use?” or “Our next step would be to go ahead and get the application signed. What’s the best email address for me to send that to?” And once you lead the client to the next step, stay quiet while you let them answer.


The bottom line is that closing an insurance quote sale can be a sensitive interaction, and the steps you take as an agent can make a difference between a sale that closes and a sale that doesn’t.


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