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Insurance Cross Selling Fears – How To Get Over Them

Posted on March 2, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Insurance Cross Selling Fears – How To Get Over Them

Insurance cross-selling can be vital to an agent’s success, and yet, agents are so often fearful of cross-selling.

“Your job is to educate, and let the consumer make the decision that’s best for them and their family. Sometimes you have to plant a seed and let it grow.”

This is true whether we’re talking about cross-selling to an existing customer, or at the point of sale.

Maybe this has happened to you: you’re thinking of cross-selling, and a little voice pops up in your head, pushing back. “Oh, they’re busy buying a home,” or, “They just mentioned they lost their job, so there’s no way they’re going to want umbrella coverage right now.”

If you notice that little voice creeping up, we want you to stop it in its tracks. That’s because at that point, you’re having a conversation with yourself, not your customer, and that’s an issue. These conversations with yourself are keeping your business small, and holding you back from hitting your true potential. Not only that, but these conversations with yourself are creating another issue: you’re taking away your client’s right to say no.

The bottom line is that it’s not your job to make decisions for your client. It’s your job to let education be the sword, to teach your clients what you know, and to offer them options. At that point, the client has the tools and education they need to say yes or no. Plus, many times, it’s necessary to plant a seed and let it grow. You may educate your customer about an option now, and they may need to let that seed grow, and think about what you’ve just proposed. It’s very likely that they’ll circle back around to it at some point, when they’re in a different position.


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