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4 Phrases You Shouldn’t Hear or Use in Your Agency: “My Customers”

Posted on May 9, 2022 by Alex Arellano

4 Phrases You Shouldn’t Hear or Use in Your Agency: “My Customers”

This whole week, we will be talking about the four phrases we never want to hear in independent insurance agencies. We have worked with a lot of businesses in this industry and any of these words are hard for us to hear.

Independent agencies have protocols that protect every customer from inconsistencies and human error.”

But this one hurts because it kills both progress and growth.

So, let’s get into why we should never hear this come out of a licensed agent’s mouth.

Who’s Customers?

We have to ask this because unless you own that book of business, those are not your customers. Ownership of customers is a thing in this industry and it has to be respected.

Everyone in an agency plays a part in maintaining that book. Whether you are a leader or a member of the staff, your part is important.

But when we hear this phrase, we have to cut it down because it’s used as an excuse to stand in the way of everything because “your customers” won’t like that. Most of the time, one independent agent could be dealing with over 1000 accounts and you can’t say that all of those people will feel one way about anything.

Different Treatment

You might believe that you really are protecting them. You might really feel that they won’t like that.

But you have to unpack that feeling.

Why do these people deserve different treatment from everyone else in the book?

Independent agencies have protocols that protect every customer from inconsistencies and human error. The goal of APP is to make your agency as good as possible and we can’t do that if a particular section isn’t included in that effort because of someone’s feelings.

Insurance Agents Only Follow Protocols, At Least They Should

We see insurance agents doing this all the time and you really should NOT do this. They make up their own rules and it’s a touchy thing.

There are so many moving, intricate parts in insurance.

We work in a lot of agencies that, at some point, felt like they didn’t need protocols and rules and processes. They have their moment, as the chaos flows around them, where it works.

But that only lasts so long.

Independent agents have to manage so much for each policy they write and without policy, madness will take over. So, for those agents who keep “their customers” tucked into a corner, you are signing yourself up for madness.

“Your Customers” Are The Most Price Sensitive

The people in your book that get all of this attention want all of that attention. They push you to re-shop them for whatever reason roughly six times a year. They are never the most profitable. These people are used to getting this much consideration and when they call in they will only talk to you. It doesn’t matter what you have going on. You are it.

And this is another reason we hate the phrase “my customers” being used in your independent insurance agency. You of all people don’t have time for that, but they don’t care. We, at APP, are looking to help you make your agency as smooth and profitable as possible. This becomes impossible when these kinds of people are included in the equation.

Don’t Lose Money Like This

Your insurance agency needs to be run cohesively and with all of your customers in mind. The point of being an agent is to give the best service and coverage to everyone you can. Sectioning off that service and care to only a fraction is simply not worth it.

That’s why this phrase cannot be something in your insurance agency. It’s just not worth it. 

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