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Time Blocking in Insurance – Do Agencies Make It Work?

Posted on April 27, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Time Blocking in Insurance

Time blocking in insurance is one of our favorite time management techniques, and it’s something that can really work, when properly taken advantage of. What exactly is time blocking? It means setting aside chunks of time to complete tasks, without being disturbed or interrupted. When used successfully, time blocking in insurance can help people get a lot more done.

If you can set aside that time uninterrupted, no meetings, no calls, you shut down your email, you really can get a lot more done.

Oftentimes, we find that agencies struggle to successfully implement time blocking in insurance, and that they tend to throw in the towel after struggling to make it work. Here are some of the truths about time blocking in insurance, and why you should make the effort to implement this time management practice.


Time blocking can go wrong for many reasons

When agencies tell us they can’t master time blocking, it’s usually for one of several reasons. Sometimes people struggle to actually honor their time blocking, they can get stuck in their email, or if someone comes by their desk to say hello, they’re easily distracted. In order to succeed in time blocking, you have to be really strong with it, and set boundaries. Time blocking can be difficult at first, but it does get easier.


There are many benefits to time blocking

If you’re on the fence about time blocking, just think about some of the benefits. Firstly, it gives you space to do complicated matters, which can reduce mistakes, and also reduce employee stress. Not only that, but it can increase client experience. When you’re a front-line employee, it often feels like the wild west, and tasks can get bumped around and pushed to the side. Time blocking helps prevent that.


Here’s how to make time blocking stick

Time blocking can go wrong for many reasons, and at first it tends to be a struggle. But you have to outlast the suck of change, and persevere, to really make time blocking stick. Also, time blocking needs to be something that your entire agency embraces, so that everyone is on the same page, and respects time blocking together. Our advice? Give it 30 days, and don’t expect it to be like a light switch. Fight through the difficult times, because both your team and your customers deserve the benefits of time blocking.


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