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Insurance Time Management: Are You Riding The Time Tidal Wave?

Posted on April 28, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Insurance Time Management

Anyone who has worked at an agency before has definitely experienced what we call the time tidal wave. That’s when it’s just absolutely frantic, the phone is ringing, customers are coming in, and everyone is scrambling.

We talk about the time tidal wave as a positive thing, like you can have fun when it’s nuts in the agency, you can be right in the zone and killing it, or you can be like “Oh my gosh, it’s so busy.”

When a time tidal wave hits, you have a choice to make: you can ride it out like an epic wave, or you can let the time tidal wave crush you. 


The Time Tidal Wave Choice

We see these insurance time tidal waves as a great time to take advantage of insurance time management, because these times can be really positive and fun. Why do we say that? You can either embrace the time tidal wave, and be in the zone, or you can be complaining the whole way. Many people choose to struggle, instead of really riding the wave. If we want to make the most of our insurance time management skills, and really enjoy the time tidal wave, we need to focus on how exactly to ride through the wave.


Come Up With A Plan

An important part of riding out a time tidal wave is having a plan, and then having a backup plan. Plan A should be the plan you normally implement, but when things start to get out of control, you switch to your Plan B. You don’t want to be caught in a tidal wave without a plan, because then you’re going to get walloped, and end up in chaos. If you have a plan for when things get frantic, you’ll be able to really enjoy these time tidal waves.


Check Your Attitude

A big part of the way we handle time tidal waves has to do with our attitude. If we’re stressed and frustrated, our customers are going to feel that, and it’s not a good look. We can also look at time tidal waves as something that will ebb and flow. When the wave crashes, we’ll get a chance to catch our breath, and we’ll get better and better at getting back up.


The bottom line is that time tidal waves are bound to happen, and if we look at them through the lens of insurance time management, we can really enjoy these waves, and see them as an opportunity to have fun and really be productive.


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