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PODCAST: Microsoft Tips For Insurance Agents

Posted on May 11, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

PODCAST: Microsoft Tips For Insurance Agents

In this episode of the Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Agent podcast, host Kelly Donahue-Piro interviews Travis Gensler, who runs his insurance agency, as well as Agent Ascend. Agent Ascend is an online Facebook group and YouTube channel designed to help insurance agents get the most out of the Microsoft suite of tools. We review the use of Outlook and more, in this podcast.


Episode Highlights:

  • Travis shares his career background. (1:10)
  • What’s Travis’s philosophy on effective email use in agencies? (4:08)
  • Travis shares how emails work with outlook. (5:06)
  • Travis shares how they utilize folders in the agency. (7:03)
  • What strategy does Travis teach to his team? (10:19)
  • Travis gives us some easy tips and tricks for unsubscribing. (13:19)
  • Travis gives a piece of advice for the agency owners when it comes to technology. (20:43)
  • What tools does Travis see in Microsoft to help someone in leadership roles? (29:30)
  • Travis mentions how long it takes to set up inside Outlook. (32:55)
  • Travis mentions one of the biggest factors when utilizing Microsoft 365 Platform. (37:40)


Key Quotes:

  • “It’s not just communication with the customer. It’s communication with the company. It’s communication with your teammates. And, if you’re not communicating in a proper manner, or something clear, or giving them access to find the information… then, that’s just being mean.” – Travis Gensler
  • “The hard part is you’ve got to do the dirty work. There is no easy answer. You have to hit it head-on,  and set aside time to do it. Because, if you just keep pushing that thing under the rug, you’ll never get there.” – Travis Gensler
  • “If you’re not good at technology, you’re gonna have to invest more on training and resources now, to catch up, because it’s not changing.” – Travis Gensler


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