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Navigating Change In Insurance – Final Steps Decision & Integration

Posted on June 3, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Navigating Change in Insurance

All week we’ve been diving deep into the change curve, in order to navigate change in insurance, especially when running an agency. From new phone systems, to going e-signature, using a virtual assistant, or multiple monitors, navigating change in insurance can sometimes be an act of patience. With the help of the change curve, we now know what the last two stages of change look like: decision and integration.

I think it’s just good for us all to understand that just because there’s friction and that some things are not working well, doesn’t mean that you’re not in the right place. Other times it means you are in the right place.”


The Fun Part

When we get towards the end of the change curve, we can start to have a little bit of fun. The final stages are decision and integration, which means that we’re rebuilding our commitment to change, and we’re celebrating how far we’ve come. This is when we can look back and say “Yeah, all of those things did happen.” And there’s good reason to celebrate this achievement, because this part comes after the two lowest stages of the change curve, when change may start to feel a little bit impossible. 


More Than An Experiment

Just before we were integrating and celebrating, we were experimenting with our new changes. But now that we’re here at the end of the change curve, we get to enjoy the fact that these changes are part of our workflow, and they’re not just an experiment anymore. Now we get to review our changes, and see if there are any tweaks to make. But by this point, most of the team is committed to the changes, and we can celebrate our successes.


Repeating The Curve

One of the great things about the change curve is that it’s applicable in all areas of our life. We can go back through our personal life or professional life, and identify the different stages of the change curve. We can suddenly realize how the change curve appears in our lives, and say “I see this super clearly now. While I was in it, I had so many questions. I was confused.” 


One of the most important aspects of the change curve is that it helps us see the process of change. It helps us understand that just because there’s friction and that some things aren’t working well, doesn’t mean you’re not in the right place. Sometimes it may take some grit, determination, and patience, but with the help of the change curve, we have the power to navigate even the biggest changes in insurance.


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