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Change Management In Insurance Agencies: The 6 Steps Of Change Mashup

Posted on June 4, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

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Handling Change in Insurance Agencies: Kubler Ross Change Curve Denial and Frustration

All week long we’re focusing on the topic of handling change in insurance agencies. We find that while change is necessary and can be important for an agency’s survival, many times agencies resist implementing change, because they can’t push through the discomfort that change brings. You’ve probably been in this situation before: there’s a change in your agency’s processes, but no one ends up following it, and everyone returns to their old habits. We can’t grow if we don’t embrace change.

“All too often we find that agencies back away from change because they go through the discomfort and as opposed to pushing through to get to that integration we stop dead in our tracks.”


Dealing With Change in Insurance Agencies

All this week we’re diving deep into the topic of dealing with change in insurance agencies, and we’re using the Change Curve to help us understand how employees at your agency might be responding to change. In our last video we talked about the first two stages of change being denial and frustration, and that brings us to the next point on the Change Curve: depression.

If you’re somewhere in this area, keep going, it’s gonna get better.”


Navigating Change in Insurance

All week we’ve been diving deep into the change curve, in order to navigate change in insurance, especially when running an agency. From new phone systems, to going e-signature, using a virtual assistant, or multiple monitors, navigating change in insurance can sometimes be an act of patience. With the help of the change curve, we now know what the last two stages of change look like: decision and integration.

I think it’s just good for us all to understand that just because there’s friction and that some things are not working well, doesn’t mean that you’re not in the right place. Other times it means you are in the right place.”


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