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Insurance Training Tip: Punch The Stupid Voice In The Face

Posted on February 18, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Insurance Training Tip: Punch The Stupid Voice In The Face

So the bottom line is this, when you start having a conversation with yourself, punch it in the face. Do not accept it, do not take it, punch it, square in the eyeballs and say ‘you’re not the boss of me.’’

Maybe you’ve had this happen to you: you’re trying to work up the nerve to go to the gym, and it might seem like everything is against you at the time. You’re sore, recovering from an illness, the weather is bad, whatever. But then, you get up and go, and actually feel pretty great afterwards.


Pushing through that voice of self-doubt is crucial in all areas of our lives, which is why it’s our insurance training tip of the day. When that voice in your head starts to creep in, we have some pretty unique advice. We say, punch that stupid voice in the face, right between the eyes. Here’s how you can do exactly, to push through your insurance training, and defeat any negative self-talk.


  • Understand that things tend to work against us

As we mentioned in that gym example, sometimes things tend to stack up against us. That’s just the way life works, right? When it seems like there’s barrier after barrier against you, that’s when you need to keep fighting, and not let anything slow you down.


  • Try before judging

That little voice of negativity in our heads can be a real pain, and it can make things seem a lot worse than they really are. When that voice starts to creep in, push yourself to actually try, before you pass judgement.


  • Know that things that are hard are worth it

Great things are worth fighting for, and this can come up in all areas of our life. When we’re going through the insurance training process, but when we hear the voice of self-doubt creep in, remember that if it’s tough, it’s worth the effort.


  • Remember you’re better than you think

When that voice of self-doubt makes an appearance, during insurance training or at any point in your life, step one is to punch it in the face. But next, remember that you are much better than you think. We’re our own toughest critics, and remembering that can help us persevere.


Fighting against that stupid voice will help you become a Ridiculosuly Amazing Agent in 2021, but we know it can be hard. That’s why we think it’s best for you to have a coach in your corner, cheering you on, and that’s where we come in. Check out our Agency Performance Program, to find out how we can team up to help you push through the negativity, and become the Ridiculously Amazing Agent you were meant to be.


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