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Insurance Consulting Tip: Baby Steps

Posted on February 17, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Insurance Consulting Tip: Baby Steps

When we’re set in our way as insurance agents, change can be jarring. Here’s the scenario: we’re used to sending quotes over email, and our agency is moving towards giving small commercial and personal lines quotes over the phone 80% of the time (hint hint, that’s what we offer in our Sales Training Program). A change like that may seem like a bitter pill to swallow for people who are set in their ways.

While we know change is hard, there’s something else that is true: progress is critical. Our industry is rapidly changing, and people who are resistant to good change are going to have some problems.

We have one big tip for not only getting comfortable with change, but making it a whole lot easier for yourself. The trick is to take baby steps, and to ease yourself into big change. Taking change in smaller steps is much more manageable than taking on big change. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Break change down into phases

Let’s use our example from earlier: you’re looking to quote mostly over the phone, which seems like a big leap. You can break this big change down into baby steps, the first one not even involving the phone. To get the ball rolling, you can make your call sheet or quote sheet a modifiable PDF, and ask you prospects to answer sales questions on that sheet. By breaking down change into baby steps, it’s going to be much more manageable and attainable.


  • Be clear about the phases

Approaching these changes should not be a haphazard effort, and instead should be well planned and clear. If everyone on your team is well-prepared, there won’t be any surprises.


  • Don’t let speed bumps slow you down

Because change is new, there are definitely going to be times when it’s challenging. But don’t be an Eeyore who takes an obstacle as an excuse to quit, and instead, be an energetic and optimistic Tigger, who is willing to work through the challenges.


  • Enthusiastically Try

We’ve covered this in one of our other Three Minute Videos, but putting in the effort to enthusiastically try can go a long way. When you hear about a new initiative, don’t secretly wish for it’s demise. If everyone puts in the effort to make it happen, the change will be much more painless in the long run.


Change can be a challenge, but it’s necessary, and worth the effort. By breaking down change into baby steps, you’ll be much more prepared to become a Ridiculously Amazing Agent in 2021.


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