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Insurance Performance Training Videos: Weekly 3 Minute Video Mashup

Posted on February 19, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

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If you are an Insurance Agent 2021 stop and take a moment to watch these videos to help you become ridiculously amazing this year.

Winning Back Unsold Insurance Leads For Your Agency

If you’re excited about getting as many new leads as you can, you’re definitely not alone. As an agent, getting fresh data and leads can seem like you’re sitting on top of a ton of untapped potential.

Understanding The Insurance Problem In Your Agency

In order to solve a problem we must have an understanding the insurance problem. Too often we may assume what the problem, or the percieved problem is.

Insurance Consulting Tip: Baby Steps

When we’re set in our way as insurance agents, change can be jarring. Here’s the scenario: we’re used to sending quotes over email, and our agency is moving towards giving small commercial and personal lines quotes over the phone 80% of the time (hint hint, that’s what we offer in our Sales Training Program).

Insurance Training Tip: Punch The Stupid Voice In The Face

Whenever we’re training and trying to improve, we’re all going to experience the same thing at some point: our own self-doubt. 


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