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Commercial Insurance Download Policies: The Debate on The Download

Posted on February 22, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Commercial Insurance Download Policies: The Debate on The Download

Consider commercial downloads, especially if your team is talking about how busy they are. Do we want them busy in putting policy data? Or would we like them busy…serving our clients? That message and that choice is really up to you.”

We know there are a lot of account managers that don’t want commercial download in their books of business, and even more agencies don’t totally understand it. Commercial insurance download policies might not seem like an attractive scenario, but if we’re the type of agent that always feels like we have no time to do things, we need to get creative to make things work. We also shouldn’t reject ideas just because they seem hard, difficult, or we can’t totally understand them.


If you want to become a Ridiculously Amazing Agent in 2021, it’s time to open up your options. Here are some things to consider, if you want to evoke commercial insurance download policies.


1.Keep an 80/20 rule in mind

If you want to explore commercial insurance download policies in your agency, keep in mind that you should still automate 80% of it, and 20% should still be worked through. This is no different than in personal lines, and if you could imagine not having download in personal lines, keep that in mind as you’re going through this process.


2.Start with a test

When you’re starting to implement commercial insurance download policies, start with a test group of your smallest books of business. Too many agencies turn it on for their largest books first, and things can get crazy pretty quickly. This will give you time to adjust to the workflow.


3.Remember personal lines started out this way

If implementing commercial insurance download policies seems too outlandish, remember that personal lines started out this way with personal lines, and it definitely wasn’t pretty in the beginning. The idea is that we make it work, and once you build trust in the system, it becomes easier.

If you’re struggling with considering commercial insurance download policies, you might need to start with your processes and procedures, and we’re here to help. Our Agency Process Packs have everything you need to put processes in place to help your agency succeed in 2021.


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