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Insurance Reports & Why They Drive Us Nuts – Plan & Execute Your Agency’s Success Roadmap

Posted on October 14, 2021 by Alex Arellano

Insurance Reports & Why They Drive Us Nuts – Plan & Execute Your Agency’s Success Roadmap

We’re up to our last post in our series of planning and executing an agency’s success road map, and this one is a big one: insurance reports & why they drive us nuts.

“You cannot build a plan if you don’t have numbers, you cannot build a plan if you can’t measure it. That’s why it’s incredibly critical that you get that information.”

Why are agency management reports so darn hard? It sometimes seems like you need an MBA in rocket science to figure them out. So here’s the deal with agency insurance reports & why they drive us nuts (and why we ultimately need them):


  • We have to outlast the suck

As we like to say, we have to “outlast the suck.” So yeah, you might have a problem with the download, the data entry, the report filters, or all three. But we need to bite the bullet on reporting. That’s why we have guides in our brand new Q4 course on how to handle agency management reports. Because while these reports might drive us nuts, you don’t have to do it alone.


  • Other reports aren’t going to cut it

Sometimes we like to use the excuse of using the accounting report, or some other report, but this simply isn’t going to fly. These reports don’t tell us what we need to do to run a business. Plus, you might not want your team knowing some of those numbers.


  • Reports tell us everything

Insurance reports are so important because of how telling they are. And in our new course, we list out several key reports that you definitely need. We need to know things like book seasonality, so you actually know what’s going on. You need to know if there’s equal work distribution, and how the activities are looking, so we can decide if we can trim down or automate. We can even use these reports to predict how overdue people are, every week. This is information that is absolutely vital. 


If you’re wondering why insurance reports drive us nuts, there are plenty of reasons. But at the end of the day they’re a necessity, not an option, and they’re definitely part of our agency’s road map to success.


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