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Plan & Execute Your Agency Success Roadmap: Nailing Down Your Insurance Agency’s Vision

Posted on October 13, 2021 by Alex Arellano

Creating Your Insurance Agency’s Vision

This week we’re honing in on how to plan and execute an agency’s success road map, which is tied into our brand new Q4 class on the same subject. Today we’re talking all about creating your insurance agency’s vision.

“Having a vision actually empowers you to make decisions towards something versus randomly.”

If you’re anything like us, your insurance agency’s vision hasn’t always been your forte. In the beginning, we didn’t know how to approach our insurance agency’s vision, and we felt like it held us back from great opportunities. Plus, we always felt like we were landing on our feet at the end of the day, even if accidentally. But more and more, we learned about just how powerful having a vision is.


Here’s what you need to know about creating your insurance agency’s vision:


  • Vision is critical

Vision is vital because it helps you figure out exactly what you want. You can ask yourself what kind of lifestyle you want, what you want for your agency, and what you want for your team. You can also ask yourself what things look like at a certain revenue point, and what roles are created. Vision allows you to dream a bit, but it also leads you to the power of decision making.


  • Vision helps you prioritize

Once you have your vision, you can focus on prioritizing, instead of just seeing what happens. When you know you want to hit more revenue, you can focus on your growth. 


  • Vision can change

Some people are wary of vision because they’re not sure of what will happen in the future. Here’s the thing: it’s okay to plant a flag and not hit it, or if your vision gets modified every year. But it’s not okay to be steering a ship without a roadmap. 


Ultimately, not having vision can lead to a lot of problems, but it can also lead to more stress for your team. When they don’t understand why you’re making the decisions you make, they’re going to question your judgement more often. By creating and sharing your vision, you’ll not only have guidance for yourself, but you’ll have a team that is fully behind you.


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