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Developing and Engaging Leaders

Posted on January 7, 2022 by Alex Arellano

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Engaging and Developing Leaders: Engaging Your Staff

Welcome back to another week of three-minute videos, and our first video in 2022. This week’s topic is all about developing leaders on your team, which should definitely be one of your goals for this new year. While there are so many leaders in our industry (and probably a ton right there in your office) it’s your responsibility as a leader to engage and develop your people to be the best, and to do their best.

Your responsibility as a leader is to engage and develop your people to be the best, and to do their best. And if you really, really want to do this, then you’ve gotta engage in developing your leaders.”


Developing and Engaging Leaders: Build the Team

Someday, you want to be able to hand off the metaphorical torch and to do that, you need to be developing and engaging future leaders, and to do that, you need to build the right insurance agency team.

Your team will show you what they are best at, what they love, and are called to do. You simply have to watch.”


Developing and Engaging Leaders: Find the Sweet Spot

As we work towards developing and engaging tomorrow’s leaders, we have to establish their position today. What does that mean? They need to find the sweet spot in your insurance agency. 

People work their best when they are in their niche, or their sweet spot, as we call it. This goes back to having the right person in the right seat. 


Developing and Engaging Leaders: Continuous Improvement

We tend to look at people as having inherent leadership or not. It’s just in them. But instead, consider how people have never been taught to lead. That is why when you are developing and engaging leaders, we think you need to encourage continuous improvement in your insurance agency.

What does that look like? It starts by helping people learn. 


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