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Insurance Rate Mindset – Getting Rid of Negativity

Posted on December 28, 2020 by Deanna Hotham

Insurance Rate Mindset – Getting Rid of the Mindset of Fear for Insurance Agents

Are you struggling with a negative insurance rate mindset? Part of your job may be handling insurance rate increases. While it may not be the thing you are looking forward to every day, having difficult conversations is a part of every single customer facing role in the world. Insurance rates go up, but so does the cost of milk, gas, cell phone, etc. However, in insurance we have a lot of fear around handling insurance rate increases. Our shoulders come up to our ears, and instead of leaning into a conversation about insurance rate, we often jump into problem solving mode. If you experience fear around insurance rate increases, it’s ok. We want to give you a plan of attack to help you have the conversation and then provide a plan of attack for the client. Let’s face it — everyone feels better with a plan to handle insurance rate increases for both you and the client! Our AppX Retention program helps you get ahead of rate (which is the best way to handle insurance rate increases)! Learn more about our online, virtual and in-person programs: https://www.agencyperformancepartners.com/services/appx-retention/

As an insurance agent we need to be there when times are good and bad for our clients. Rate increases are in that category. However, our insurance rate mindset matters. Our clients need us to lead and educate them. When we are down and scared of rate they will be too. It’s our goal to work with the client to tailor their insurance to meet their needs. This can be changing deductibles, reviewing coverage and even increasing coverage even when the rates are on the rise. Remember if you can’t afford the coverage you can’t afford the claim so it’s our duty to help our clients through education and allow them to make the best decision for their business or family.

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