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Posted on November 25, 2022 by Camille Maraguinot

5 Steps to Close More Insurance Sales

5 Steps to Close More Insurance Sales & overcome the Real Hurdle To Increasing Your Sales Closing Ratio.

You may be thinking, “Just tell me what is the much bigger problem you speak of.”

I will answer that question in this way; the real problem is that your prospect does not think it’s worth making a change right now.

In short, it’s nice to know about your offering, but not necessary. In other words, you have not sold the client why they should move to your agency.

If your prospects aren’t making the connections between what you sell and the Value they could get from it, it’s because you’re not showing them, you are not explaining it properly.

In other words, you are not “closing them.” We have a simple 5 step process for an adequate insurance sales strategy in our APPX Commercial Course.

I believe the process applies here as well to how to improve closing ratios.

✅ Know your Value add and understand your Value Proposition

✅ Share Examples and Ask Questions

✅ Take your time

✅ Under promise and overdeliver

✅ Stop trying So hard

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