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[PODCAST] Being Confident In Explaining Insurance Rate Increases

Posted on May 30, 2023 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Watch or Listen to Our Podcast On Being Confidence In Explaining Insurance Rate Increases

If you or your team struggle in being confident in explaining insurance rate increases you aren’t alone. Listen to this podcast to help give you key strategies to help clarify your message!

Would you like help in handling insurance rate increases? Who wouldn’t! Confidence in delivering bad news impacts the outcome! When you have confidence you can reduce your fear and anxiety in this market. Another great confidence side effect is having boosted motivation, increased reliance and a strong sense of self. I think in this hard insurance market we all want a hard market hero – and heroes are confident!

Some people think that you have to be born with confidence but we think you can build it! To be confident in explaining insurance rate increases you have to get the reps in! Here are some ways we believe any insurance agent can help fuel their confidence:

  • Get out there- confidence is based on accomplishment
  • Establish benchmarks – and celebrate
  • Do the right thing – not the easy thing
  • Fail forward and learn – embrace learning
  • Think long term – in the moment things can be challenging
  • Prepare and be proactive – have a plan
  • Don’t overthink think – your having the conversation with the wrong person
  • Accept and be open to feedback – we don’t know everything
  • Take a risk – you may surprise yourself
  • Practice – you get stronger
  • Embrace change – its an adventure or ordeal
  • Don’t worry what others think – you matter

We like to remind every insurance agent that the current agent always has the upper hand. The current agent is the path of least resistance! Many clients may have a negative reaction to the insurance rate increases however, that reaction burns off and everyone wants a plan. Guess what you have the plan!

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