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[PODCAST] Managing Your Time In A Hard Insurance Market | Hard Market Hero

Posted on May 22, 2023 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Let APP share how we recommend managing your time in an insurance hard market.

Is your insurance agency struggling with managing your time in a hard insurance market? Renewals are taking much longer! You and your insurance team need strategies on how to manage your time in insurance. When everything is taking longer you have to determine a new strategy! You want to focus on how to be efficient and effective. As rates increase you also don’t want your client to experience delays in getting the service they need. It may feel impossible but it just takes a mindset shift!

There are a lot of clients that are time vampires in insurance agencies. They suck up all your time and the profit margin on these clients is impossibly low (and many time negative!) In your agency you have to identify a time vampire and get out the garlic to get them to move to your competition. While we all want to give equal service in a hard insurance market we have to triage our time and manage our resources. In order to do this you need to identify client tiers and priorities. We all must also work within our job duties and delegate to elevate our time.

Here is what the APP Team will discuss:

⏰ Renewals Will Take Longer

⏰ Tiering Clients

⏰ Taking MORE Time With The RIGHT Clients

⏰ Donating The WRONG Clients To Your Competition

⏰ Delegating & Working In Your Role

⏰ Payments & Portals

⏰ Spend Your Time Preparing Not Repairing

This is the 2nd of six Hard Market Hero sessions for your agency! Get a preview of our 3rd Session on Building Team Confidence.

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