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[PODCAST] How To Confidently Talk About Insurance Rate Increases

Posted on June 2, 2023 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Are you struggling with how to confidently talk about insurance rate increases?

It seems like in this market rate increases are a daily occurrence. Clients are calling you and you are trying to call them. Its seems that all we do is deliver difficult news daily and the client response can be challenging. At APP we work with agencies across the US and Canada. We see a big gap in confidence especially with how to confidently explain a big insurance rate increase. Many times the team is thinking with their own pocket or they just don’t know exactly what to say. Either way getting an upset client call or making a call to deliver the news is generally something that the team doesn’t always enjoy.

When you are doing something uncomfortable confidence is often low. However, we like to remind insurance agents that the news is WAY better coming from you than in the mail or email. When you deliver the news the client may have a reaction but then they move to a response mode where they are desperately looking to you for a plan!

In insurance we need to have confidence. As a licensed professional our clients need us to be their Hard Market Insurance Hero! Everything from our tone of voice, selection of words and emails can impact the client’s experience. Do you want an accountant who is uncertain? No! We also do not want insurance agents who seem less than ready to tackle the client’s biggest insurance challenges.

Put your shoulders up, head high and listen to this video all about how to build and have confidence in this market.

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