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4 Sales Questions: #1 Insurance New Business Cross Selling Question

Posted on April 12, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Insurance New Business Cross Selling Question

In order to be a Ridiculously Amazing agent, you need to master the art of new business cross selling.

We forget that this person can have a wide variety of different insurance challenges, this is just the one that they’re curious about today.

New business cross selling is critical to maximizing your insurance pipeline, but the thing is, you have a narrow window at the point of sale to really take advantage of it. That’s why we’re come up with four questions that every agent should ask at the point of sale. Our insurance new business cross selling question for today is: “Do you have any other policies with other agents?”

Asking this question is so important because we tend to get tunnel vision when a new prospect calls about a policy, and only think about the policy at hand. Maybe we’re just focusing on Home/Auto and Workers’ Comp/GL, because that’s what the customer asked about. But we need to remember that people have a wide array of insurance challenges, so instead of just focusing on Home/Auto, we should find out what their other needs are. We can do that by asking this one simple question, “Do you have any other policies with other agents?”

Instead of just quoting then selling, or even worse, emailing a quote, we need to find opportunities to ask this insurance new business cross selling question. If not, we’ll never know where we actually stand with a customer. But by asking the right questions, we’ll be able to find out much more information, and avoid seeming like “used car salesmen.”


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