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3 Minute Video: Is Your Agency The Better Insurance Alternative?

Posted on December 7, 2020 by Deanna Hotham

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Is Your Agency The Better Insurance Alternative?

You have to be obsessed with being the better insurance alternative. Too many agencies settle for average or mediocre. There is so much competition in insurance, and to compete we have to find a way to be better for our ideal dream client. Part of your job in running an insurance agecy is to always be looking for how to be better — not just generically better, but specifically better to your ideal client. This means finding their key concerns, problems and fears and then clearly providing a better solution. Your key steps are: 1) Detailing who your dream client is 2) Listening to their needs, problems and concerns 3) Solving those by being the better insurance alternative 4) Communicating this so that price becomes less of a concern Need help with this? Our agency assessment will give your agency a physical, help you find the ideal client and become the better insurance alternative.