Agency Assessment

Our Agency Assessment is a deep-dive diagnosis of your entire agency to identify barriers that are inhibiting your team from achieving peak performance. It’s a top-to-bottom analysis comprised of a key metrics review, one-on-one interviews with staff, secret shopper calls, an anonymous team survey, and more. Our process provides a 360-degree view of your agency, revealing untapped revenue opportunities and potential efficiency improvements.

We present our detailed Agency Assessment findings in a day-long, on-site management meeting. In this session, we work with you to produce a strategic action plan designed to prioritize, address and remedy any challenges we discovered.

We follow this with 90 days of action and execution. We partner with you and your team to address these challenges through consulting, training, team coaching, team meetings, and data tracking. Plan implementation might include such items as polishing job descriptions, identifying how and what to track, building incentive plans, addressing team interpersonal issues and appointing team leaders.

On completion, we make recommendations for which AppX program would keep your agency moving forward, such as training programs for AppX Sales and AppX Retention, Leadership Training or agency branding and establishing a web presence though Agency Appeal.

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  • Culture
  • Service
  • Sales
  • Marketing
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  • Retention
  • Sales
  • Volume
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  • Meeting with key team members
  • Analysis of staff


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  • 2 Secret Shopper Calls
  • Analysis of Results

We assess your agency to identify untapped opportunities

  • Anonymous virtual survey of your team
  • Secret shopper calls
  • Review of key metrics & analytics of prior year
  • On-site team interviews

We set the strategy for success

  • One day on-site management review and planning session
  • Strategic Action Plan determining responsibilities, timelines and goals

We partner with you to implement the plan

  • 90 days of execution
  • Bi-weekly calls
  • Team meetings
  • Job descriptions
  • Incentive plans
  • Data tracking
  • On-call availability


Learn more about our agency assessment and how it has transformed agencies just like you. If you are concerned about team buy in, leave it to us. We are experts on rallying the troops and getting everyone on board.