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3 Minute Video – Insurance Service Call: Do You Think Clients Are Psyched to Call You?

Posted on December 9, 2020 by Deanna Hotham

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Insurance Service Call: Do You Think Clients Are Psyched to Call You?

When you receive an insurance service call, do you think your client is psyched to call you? Let’s be honest — when someone calls into an insurance agency for service, it’s a question or concern. Neither are super exciting. It may go into the same category as calling a dentist. So let’s embrace that no one is excited to make an insurance service call. But here’s the deal — you need to be EXTRA so they like calling YOU. Listen, you may not like going to the dentist, but you can like your dentist. This is an intention in your agency. You have to recognize that not everyone is thinking fondly of calling your insurance agency. But here is the but… you can change that. Here is how you can take an insurance service call to the next level: 1) When that phone rings, realize that person may not have talked to you for years. 2) Impressions matter, so be impressive every day. 3) No, most people aren’t pumped to talk to you, but you can change that mentality by the end of the call. Want to tip the scale in your favor on this? Consider our proactive renewal call program either by online school, live virtual or in-person:

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